Which Session Is Right For Me?

My work is ever-evolving, and the types of sessions I offer change over time. Because there are currently five different offerings, I have created this page to help those of you who need help determining which is best for you.


Deep exploratory sessions:

Hi dear Sky. I just wanted to send you an update and some deep gratitude. Things have literally never been better. It is kind of mind-blowing how the themes you identified and what we worked on together have manifested over the last couple of months in the most beautiful ways!!! So grateful! blessing and love to you!!
— Lindsey, U.K.

If you would describe yourself as a beginner, or if you like to go slow and steady and stay very grounded, or if you have specific questions and guidance you would like to receive from Sky, then Personal Guidance Sessions is the way to go. 

If you are ready for a full-throttle journey into resolving limiting beliefs, karmic lines, life themes, and are comfortable or willing to go into psychic territories, then Spiral of Light Sessions is for you.

If you know off the bat that you are looking for continuous support and would like to dive into a transformative container, then The Deep Dive is for you.


other offerings:

If you would simply like help beginning, re-discovering, or deepening your meditation practice, then Meditation Guidance is for you.

If you are simply curious, feeling to experiment, interested in something you can receive that will help you that can be done without a session... If you would like psychic guidance and a very affordable option... then the Soul Reflection is for you.

Healing and Awakening is an endless journey, sometimes slow and sometimes very sudden. The sessions with Sky were of the instant kind. Issues that I have been working on for many years dissolved in a 90 minutes session and I could feel the shift right away.
— Stephan Lakshman, Germany