Your power is in your heart

Way of the Heart is the name of Sky's practice. The practice is a weaving-together of the energies needed to be present in order for us to embody, enjoy and share our divine nature. It's about empowerment and manifestation. The focus of Way of the Heart is to bring the energy down from the head, back home to the heart, which is where our power belongs and the place from where it can guide our lives in alignment with our highest visions, joys and desires. It is essentially an intuitively guided form of narrative medicine; changing our psychic stories.

Our style of therapy includes talk, energy work, and asking the right questions. Wrote Alan Watts, "problems that remain persistently insoluble should always be suspected as questions asked in the wrong way." Through intuition and our communion with the subtle language of life and the subconscious, we tune into which questions need to be asked to support your transformation.

The arrow of this practice is focused intention. Through the focused intention of committing to this work, miracles are possible. The miracle of true empowerment is revealed and embodied once again, as it is so needed in this day and age.

The call of Way of the Heart is mastery. Mastery of your life. Remembering your divinity and that your life is a choice you make every day, in every moment. Through this modality, we re-claim the keys to the kingdom within, re-member our deepest truths,  re-awaken and cleanse the mastery of our magic wands, and re-master our destinies and our lives. 

With our clients, we help them return home to the heart via the working & digging through of subconscious fears, wounds, beliefs etc. that hold them back, and through reminding them of their divine nature via the focus of specific energy channels, such as intuition, body rhythm, & more.

To our practitioners, we teach them how to integrate these tools into their practice and offer official Way of the Heart certification so that they may remember this innate wisdom within themselves -- and so that it may become a natural offering of the work they share with their clients.


The way of the heart is ours,

The way of the heart is now,

The way of the heart is all.


A Note from Tehya Sky About Way of the Heart

"Way of the Heart is dedicated to you reawakening the power of your love -- the power of your heart. To bringing your energy down from the head and back to the heart, where it belongs. In this fast-paced world we live in, it is too easy to become disconnected from our true essence. This modality is impassioned towards your remembering. Towards you reclaiming the keys to your kingdom, re-discovering your magic wand, and re-awakening to the Mastery of your life. 

The Way of the Heart embrace has supported me in more fully embodying this empowered way of living, and it is a gift to be able to share this way of stepping into power, simplicity and grace — this way of healing our perspective and bringing it down from the mind and into the heart — with others.

To me, empowerment means being able to speak our truth from a place of presence, love and clarity, unmarred by old wounds, faulty/conditioned perspective and limiting programs of the past. It means allowing our voice to be a channel of deep spirit, and creating without fear from that aforementioned place of spirit and inspiration, with a connection, appreciation, and allowance of inevitable abundance and love. It means being so clear with oneself, (with that God spark within us all), that this certainty reflects in our outside life as well, and in as such, the peace within is unconditional and not circumstantial. It means experiencing this life with surrender, trust, creativity, humor, presence, grace, celebration and love."



If you feel to donate to support the efforts and studies that deepen our practice, we are very grateful. You may do so via the below button. Any amount is good and helpful, and helps our practice grow.

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