Finding places in my soul that I didn’t know existed. Thank you.
— Elise, Boulder CO

The Deep Dive


The Deep Dive is a series of intensive, deep personal work with Sky that's dedicated to supporting your attention and focus in remaining in the Here Now, (no longer stuck in subconscious cycles); and to support you in grounding and anchoring the vastness of your Presence&Power within your body: integrated, embodied, connected... sensing & knowing your true Self... working with life in a good, simple, loving way. Aho!


PART ONE: Energy Restructuring & Purification

Identify, Resolve, Integrate, Move On, Recalibrate&Reclaim Energy

Part One in the series is dedicated to energy restructuring and purification as a means of liberating space within you for your presence&power to anchor. In the Deep Dive, our path of purification is through dissolving and resolving subconscious themes: the subconscious blocks, limitations, and magnetics that create reoccurring patterns, manifestations, and experiences in your life in your effort for your soul to learn profound life lessons. In our work together in Part One, we identify what is seeking to be learned, receive those lessons, integrate them, and with the grace of God, move on. Gifts from Part One: No longer attract the situations/characters/experiences to learn the same lesson and for that, step into/be available to anchor in a new domain within your life--a domain of connection to Source, to Mother Earth, to simplicity, relaxation, kindness. Second Gift: Liberate energy within you that had previously been unconsciously caught up in subconscious patterns, and for that, there is more space within you for new understandings, connection, clarity, and so on to land within, and for you to sense this. This work helps your focus to stay rooted and present in your body in day to day life through the various experiences you may have, deepening your intimacy with life, yourself, and others.


PART TWO: Anchoring & Exploration

Clarity, Anchoring, Grounding, Expansion, Simplicity, Connection, Celebrating the Mundane

Once we move through the larger subconscious themes, we then move into PART TWO: Deepening your clarity and simply, seeing reality for what it is. At this point, because a large amount of energy was resolved and liberated in Part One, there is now more space within you for new understandings to land and anchor. The day-to-day teachings and growth is less likely to get pushed out by subconscious influences (in their effort to learn a lesson). Part two flows through a series of conversations and self-inquiry, often inspired by what you appears in your day-to-day life as well as specific metaphysical questions you may have/understandings you may be inspired to deepen. When we see reality for what it is, we see an innocent, beautiful thing that reflects us back to ourself. In Part Two, we explore the deeper nature of reality, your experiences, and teach you how to work with your experiences to discover teachings with simplicity, grace, compassion towards yourself and others, with integration, with moving-on... and exploring what wholeness means and feels like. 

artist: Devani Cadden ( @earth_altars )

artist: Devani Cadden (@earth_altars)



  • Homework:  Sky gives homework to help you integrate and ground the shift that will be happening within you. This also helps create one cohesive, harmonious flow of work from start to finish, as well as hold you accountable.

  • Email Support

  • Six+ Sessions via video or phone

  • "A Ceremony Called Life" book

  • 90-minute Introduction Session; subsequent sessions are 50 minutes



The Deep Dive begins with a commitment of a minimum of six sessions that take place over 6-12 weeks, depending on what may be most supportive of you. After your Introduction Session, we will determine how many sessions your Deep Dive will be. By signing up, you are committing to do the guided homework in between sessions and to be accountable as a partner in this work together with Sky.


Continuing On:

For those who feel to continue with this supported, deep exploration of life and self, Deep Dives can be extended as feels right. We simply continue and keep the same structure as we go on. In this way, we continue with our work together in the spirit of Deep Diving personal guidance, supported self-inquiry, and mentorship. It is a beautiful thing!

I’ve had about 20 sessions with Sky and each one has been amazing. We’ve worked on everything from past life traumas to reconnecting to my magic and so much more. It’s hard to tell about all the things we have worked on because the healing is so effective and profound that issues are removed so permanently and from the roots that I almost forget what they even were. But I can tell you this…

I was struggling with the aftermath of a dark spiritual encounter for about a year and a half. As a result of this encounter I started having hormonal and emotional imbalances, PMS, painful menstruations, overran infections and cysts, depression, attacks from entities and horrendous imbalances in my life and relationship. In one of my sessions with Sky I brought up this encounter. We looked into it and found the roots and Sky set to work removing it. It took the whole session but when she was done I felt like I had been let out of the cage I had been watching myself go crazy from. I was myself again. I can say that many of the symptoms disappeared almost instantly and the rest I am working on clearing out of my body.

Sky’s healing sessions are a very rare and special blessing. Her insight, openness and ability to channel are amazing and make the healing work deeply more profound. Issues really do just disappear instantly with this healing. Her beauty and grace as a healer never fail to amaze me. I love you Sky, thank you so much for the astounding work you’ve done. You have inspired me to become a Healer so that I can share this give with the world.
— Jasmine, U.K.


Financial Aid/Scholarships are available. Please send an email to hello@tehyasky to learn more.