Spiral of Light Sessions


Healing and Awakening is an endless journey, sometimes slow and sometimes very sudden. The sessions with Sky were of the instant kind. Issues that I have been working on for many years dissolved in a 90 minutes session and I could feel the shift right away.
— Stephan Lakshman, Germany
I am still grateful for the session with Sky because it started one of my deepest inner work series for my evolution. I got to know a strong pattern within me that felt almost as old as the earth. Instantly we managed to create change in my unconscious which gave me more strength and more surrender. Also the presence of this beautiful woman is very loving and caring so for me it was very easy to go deep and make profound changes within myself. If I did not do that session, I don’t know if I would be here where I am now….
— Djaï Heijn, Holland

Spiral of Light sessions are held with the prayer of healing and clearing lifetimes of unresolved energy. These sessions are intensives that go beyond time to explore the conclusions of the spirals that no longer serve you, which in doing so, support you in becoming available as a continuous channel of abundance, prosperity, joy, creativity, and so on. These sessions go beyond time as they take place in 90 minutes yet, in partnership with Spirit, may dissolve lifetimes of material. No promises can be made about what may happen for you in your session as this is mysterious work. It is not offered as a cure-all, but rather as a deep psychic healing-exploration into the spirals of your life. These sessions can be a bit intense and it is suggested that you have space to rest afterwards. These sessions also require a bit of preparation which is shared with you ahead of time.

“That one session was equivalent to YEARS of working on myself both personally and professionally.” -Tracy Jones, California

They are called "Spiral of Light" sessions becomes sometimes, navigating these deepest patterns and the subconscious can feel like an endless spiral. However, there is a point though the spiral where all dissolves into light. That is the intention of this work: To travel the spiral together and to navigate it into its light.

artist: Devani Cadden ( @earth_altars )

artist: Devani Cadden (@earth_altars)

Sky is an exceptionally kind and gifted healer, and the most genuinely loving healer I’ve experienced through many years of receiving energy work. During our session she identified and cleared a deep blockage that nobody else had found, and my life has improved ever since. This was directly tied to the main challenge I’d had in this lifetime…big changes occurred here…thank you. She also brought through an auspicious message from my Father who had recently crossed over. Sky has my highest recommendation.
— JoJo Shaiken, California


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