Rituals for Empowerment, Purification, Manifestation, Relationships, and Clarity

Please read the general ritual page here before dropping into any of the rituals explained below. It will help you to have a deeper understanding of the basic guiding principles & aspects that are often present in rituals and ceremony.


table of contents:

  1. Ritual: Cord Cutting - Liberating Yourself from Relational Bondage

  2. Ritual: Retrieving Your Lost Soul Fragments

  3. Ritual: Calling In Your Partner

  4. Ritual: Soul Family Dolphin Call

  5. Ritual: Letting Go of The Old and Calling in The New - A Fire Manifestation Ritual

  6. Ritual: Rosewater Prayer - A New Moon Ritual

  7. Ritual: Relationship Clean-up for Lovers, Partners, Friends & Family

  8. Ritual: Freeing Your Heart - Releasing Stuck Pain and Emotions 

  9.  Ritual: The Heart Song - Singing, Magnetizing, and Manifesting Your Truth



Ritual: Cord Cutting - Liberating Yourself from relational bondage

*Read this ritual as it serves as a basis for understanding other rituals described on this page. Certain things are detailed here that will not be detailed in other descriptions*

Good for: end of relationships // clearing old connections to people from the past // clearing emotional trauma


In this context, the "cords" are the energetic ties that exist between us and other people/places/land. They are not necessary for us to relate, understand each other, love one another, connect and bond. We can do that freely. Rather, cords are a form of bondage; they exist to keep us connected to one another essentially out of a fear that if we don't attach and "hook in" in this way, the connection and relationship will fall apart. Cords like this usually exist between people who need to learn something from the relationship, heal, and/or move on. In these situations, the cords are a subconscious channel that keep us looped into limiting conditions and patterns of the past.

When we engage in a cord cutting ritual or ceremony, the intention is to release all psychic hooks and subconscious cords that exist between us and the other person. Only one person needs to engage in the ritual in order for the clearing to be complete. When one person clears their connection to the cord, the cord that is coming from the other person has nowhere to land within that person's psychic field anymore. 

(Sidenote: In many healthy relationships, cords exist. They are not always a problem, but rather are something to be aware of. When feelings of fear, anxiousness, control, and so on appear within your healthy relationships, it can be wise to consider if you have any cords between the two of you that do not serve your highest good. Other times, healthy couples, especially those who have children together, may have light cords between the two of them that are mostly present as the result of their connectivity. This ritual is meant for releasing cords that do not serve one's highest good, and cords that keep us energetically connected to relationships and people that we must move on from.)


Terms to understand:

Soul Fragments: Soul fragments are bits or aspects of the soul that trail throughout our lives. Without awareness and intention, we can leave them behind everywhere we go, from a restaurant to the gym. More potently, we leave them with other people we have connected with, made love with, been in relationship with, and so on. The more complex and unhealthy the dynamic between us and another person, the more apt we are to leave them with them -- and vice versa. Until we cleanse ourselves from it, most of us carry the soul fragments of many people we have connected with in our lives. 

Cords: as explained above, in this context cords are the energetic connections that exist between you and other people. Each person must have a place within them that allows the cord to "hook in" psychically in order for a cord to land, such as a belief like "I need him/her in order to be happy;" a past trauma that has resulted in one looking to fill a hole within; a fear of letting go of the other person; etc.

Psychic Hooks: Psychic hooks are what they sound like: energetic hooks that exist within us from the dynamics and relationships we have with other people. Sometimes they come from the energy and thoughts of another person, whether we are deeply connected to them or not.

Access-Point: In this context, the access-point is the energetic place within you from which the cord/hook etc. can either attach or form. It's its place of origin. Access-points can be misaligned/untruthful/limiting beliefs, wounds, traumas, pain, fear etc. It is essentially an unmanifested teaching; it is the seeking or yearning to the truth of the misunderstanding. For example, if the Access-Point is "I am only Whole if I am connected to ThisPerson," that welcomes/attracts a situation in which you learn its unmanifested teaching: "I am Whole always, by virtue of my innate connection to God/the Divine etc."


Preparatory Work for the Ritual:

1. Discover the cord's Access-Point: Self-inquire into the reason(s) you have maintained a cord between you and the other person. Usually, these cords are survival based. As described earlier, there could be a belief in your subconscious mind which makes it possible for the cord to form from you/attach to you. Common beliefs that keep us connected to unhealthy relationships/people include: "I need ThisPerson to survive; live; be happy; know God; feel good (and so on);" "I am nothing on my own;" "I need this person in order for me to know myself; in order to feel; in order to know love; to learn; etc;" "I will die without ThisPerson;" "I'm only whole if I'm with ThisPerson." "Life is only worth living if I'm connected to ThisPerson." Trust the first thing that comes to you in terms of the reason; this is very subtle work. The "reason" could be related to past traumas, conditioning etc. If nothing comes to you in terms of a reason and you just need to clean the left-over energy between you two, then trust that too. 

2. Make note of the Access-Point's unmanifested teaching: If you have discovered a belief, past trauma, feeling etc. that has kept the cord in place within you, then you now make note of the teaching, which is the other end of the Access-Point, as described above in the terms section. The teaching is the truth / the learning you seek to learn by engaging with the untrue reason. 


The Ritual:

1. Setting: Set up your space as you feel called. Prepare your altar, light your candles, dim the lights, put on some ambient music, and so on. Step one is always setting up your space and opening/tuning into your connection with the Divine. Spending some time in meditation before you begin your ritual is always supportive.Please reference this page for guidelines, suggestions, and explanations. 

2. Catharsis: Release any pain associated with the connection. You can support this in happening by first closing your eyes and feeling deeply into your body to sense where the stuck or painful feelings are located. Breathe into them deeply. Set the intention for them to release. Let this happen in its own time; the Divine works without a clock. Let yourself release the stuck energy however is naturally happening for you: crying, moaning, singing, screaming, etc. Move on to the next step only once you sense that the emotional release has completed. 

3. Call in the teaching. Bring the unmanifested teaching into the present, where it can now manifest and land in your system. Through your intention and meditation, you now welcome in the knowingness of whatever you have been seeking to learn. 

4. Release the cords/hooks: Now that you have cleared the space within you that welcomed in the difficult situation in which to learn, (in this case, the hooks and cords), now you have fertile ground within you that will not re-attract the same lesson. You're now ready to clear the cords and hooks. (If you did this before the clearing, you the cords and hooks could easily return.) Release the cords and hooks through your intention; or through writing on a piece of paper and then burning it. The paper you burn could state your intention, "I release all cords and hooks between me and ThePerson;" "I only connect to others through Love;" and so on. Trust whatever feels right for you in terms of how you release the hooks and cords. 

5. Witness the cords and hooks releasing from you. Visualize it. Simply sit back and let yourself be shown the process once you have commanded it into being. Sometimes these visualizations are very subtle and we just have a tiny sense that something is happening--this is fine. You don't need to see fireworks in order for the alchemy to happen. It happens in a dimension we are not used to sensing and seeing. Trust the subtlest cues you get.

6. Ritual complete. Close your ritual however and whenever feels right to you. 



Ritual: Retrieving Your Lost Soul Fragments

Good for: collecting your energy from outside sources // return to wholeness // reclaiming energy and power // healing from past trauma // relationship clean-up and healing

Throughout life, we tend to leave a trail of fragments from our soul behind as we go along our way. They may be left with different places we visit, people we have connected with, people we have felt hurt by, and so on. Generally, the more emotionally charged or potent a situation is for us, the more we leave behind. We are not necessarily less whole because of our tendency to leave behind soul fragments, rather it is often just a natural consequence of connection and releasing energy. The soul is infinite, remember that, and this is not quantitative; which is to say, it's not like your soul is made up of 100 fragments and if you've left behind 50, you are missing half of yourself.

The soul is infinite, yet if we have left behind soul fragments in highly emotionally charged situations or situations where we have had a lot to learn spiritually, we will often feel the absence from our lives. We may even notice it even if we have simply left behind soul fragments in more benign life moments. Noticing this can feel like a subtle loss of soul-fullness or like we're not "all here," even when we're present. 

Good news... we can retrieve our soul fragments. Sometimes it is easier than other times, usually depending on the nature of what we are trying to learn in situations when we left behind big chunks of ourselves; nevertheless, we ourselves have all we need to call all of our soul fragments back to us in any moment.


The Ritual:

1. Setting: Set up your space as you feel called. Prepare your altar, light your candles, dim the lights, put on some ambient music, and so on. Step one is always setting up your space and opening/tuning into your connection with the Divine. Spending some time in meditation before you begin your ritual is always supportive.Please reference this page for guidelines, suggestions, and explanations. 

2. Purify your distant soul fragments and then call them back to you. Before calling our soul fragments back to us, we must purify them in Creator's white light and unconditional love. Otherwise, they will still have the energy of wherever they have been. You can purify your soul fragments simply through your connection and meditation; as I continue to share, this is subtle work. Through your intention or through your words, state to Creator/the Divine/God/Great Spirit (whatever term resonates for you) "Creator, it is commanded that my soul fragments that are with PERSON/PLACE/SITUATION are now cleansed in Creator's white light/unconditional love and returned to me now."

3. Witness, visualize, and sense the process, as stated in first ritual example of "cord cutting" above. You may sense your soul fragments being purified and you may sense the energy returning to you, or you may simply have the sense that the process has completed. All is good.

4. Ritual Closing. Acknowledgement and witnessing of completion.

Note: you can also perform this ritual to release the soul fragments of others from within you. simply change step #2 to commanding to the divine that the soul fragments of the person are released from you and sent to creator's white light.



Ritual: Calling In your Partner

Good for: calling in romantic partner // clarifying your vision of love // stepping into heart's desire // getting present with what you desire in love and partnership



Creating a ceremony for yourself in which you call in your romantic partner is a very empowering and powerful step in attracting the relationships you desire in your life. You can perform this ritual to attract/connect with others whether they be romantic partners, business partners, friends, soul family, creative partners, activity partners, teachers, guides and so on. I hesitate to include the phrase "twin flame" as the term does not resonate for me, but if it does for you, this ritual can help you with attracting that person too.

In this ritual, we clarify our vision, we get in touch with the deepest desires of our hearts, we tune into the energy of the person we are meant to connect with, and we announce the immediacy and inevitability of that connection to Great Spirit, thereby allowing Great Spirit to witness our statement of the Here-Now presence of the relationship in our life. The relationship isn't in the future or in some distant dream. Rather, through this ritual, we call it into the present moment and in doing so, allow that Here-Now vision to be witnessed by Great Spirit. Therefore, the natural alchemy of Great Spirit and the energy of all that is supports the vision in manifesting in the present moment. Isn't the simple truth of the inevitability of magic fantastic? 


The Ritual

1. Setting: Set up your space as you feel called. Prepare your altar, light your candles, dim the lights, put on some ambient music, and so on. Step one is always setting up your space and opening/tuning into your connection with the Divine. Spending some time in meditation before you begin your ritual is always supportive. Please reference this page for guidelines, suggestions, and explanations. 

2. Journaling/Writing: Take out a piece of paper and begin to write your vision of your partner. How does he/she inspire you to feel? How does it feel to be around them? What are some of their intrinsic qualities? What do they look like? What does it feel like to be connected to them? Tune in to your deepest, truest vision and desire and spell it all out explicitly. Spare no details... write it all out! This is your vision list for Spirit. Be clear and as elaborate as necessary to match your deepest vision. Note: This is the heart of the ritual, so really get comfortable in this space of journaling it all out. Get physically comfortable, light a candle, put on some music and get into it. If there are moments where you are silent and reflective, enjoy it, and the continue on as more inspiration and vision comes. 

3. Holding the Prayer: Hold your piece of paper, now complete, close to your body. You are living a prayer right now. Feel it and know deep in your bones that if this is your vision, then it is only your vision because the Divine poured it through you. The Divine came up with this vision in the first place, which means it is completely supported in manifesting. You are simply tuning into an aspect of reality that may not have landed in the physical yet, but will in its perfect timing. Know it. Feel it. Trust it. Deep, deep, deep in your bones. Spend as much time in this certainty and honoring, acknowledgment as feels good.

4. Your Sacred Gem: This paper that expresses the vision of your partner and your connection with your partner is now your sacred gem. You have channeled the vision of your life from God, into your heart and soul, and now onto paper. Now it is time to place the paper in a sacred place in your home where it will be protected, honored, and held safe, (like under a crystal on your altar, under your pillow, etc.). Now is the time to hand over the vision to God so the energy of all that is can do its part in bringing it to life.

5. Trust: Your trust in the inevitability of your connection with your partner is the final piece. You have shown up for your part in bringing the connection to the present moment, now you must trust in the timing and the way in which it happens. Keep your heart open, drop your expectations, know you are worthy and deserving of this love and simply stay open to how and when it arrives in your life. 

Return to this ritual whenever you feel called or inspired to. Perhaps you feel to refresh the energy or fine-tune your vision. Trust yourself and go with it.


Ritual: Soul Family Dolphin Call

Good for: calling in soul family // connecting with tribe



This ritual is very simple and straightforward and came to me about a year ago when I was strongly desiring to connect with and meet more with my soul family, here where I live. It is very powerful for calling in your tribe and soul family. If you just change your intention, you can also work with this ritual to call in other soulmates and connections, like romantic partners, creative partners, and so on. Just know that it is specifically effective for connections that exist on the soul level, not necessarily connections that exist only on karmic levels or ones that are any less dimension than full soul connection.

Why a dolphin call? There is a mysterious magic to the dolphins that I cannot explain. Dolphins are ancient, wise, loving creatures. They emit otherwordly sounds through the water as they communicate with one another. When we tap into the power of their call, we can emit our unique soul call through the waters of Earth. In that sense, all the waters will hold the expression of our call and the message and attraction that our call contains. 

The sound of the dolphin can also travel through all energy waves in existence. When we emit a call on this vibrational level, that message and attraction can permeate and resound through all levels of existence. In other words, it is bound to reach the highest self of the person you are attempting to connect with. It is bound to activate your connection with that person. It is bound to help bring you together in the perfect timing.



The Ritual

1. Setting: Set up your space as you feel called. Prepare your altar, light your candles, dim the lights, put on some ambient music, and so on. Step one is always setting up your space and opening/tuning into your connection with the Divine. Spending some time in meditation before you begin your ritual is always supportive. Please reference this page for guidelines, suggestions, and explanations. 

2. Sounding Out Your Dolphin Call: You can emit your sound through intention, through witnessing the sound travel from you on a vibrational level, or by expressing it aloud. The important thing is that you witness this sound leaving your being and traveling out into existence. First, tune into your soul. Hold the intention to emit your dolphin family call that will attract your soul family to you. When you are ready, emit that sound for as long as you feel. 

3. Trust: Now the only thing to do is trust that your call has been sent out and that Spirit will do the rest. Trust the timing, the way it unfolds, drop your expectations. 

4. Repeat: This particular ritual grows in strength when repeated. If you repeat it a few times in a moon cycle, that is great. Trust your gut on how often you are meant to sound out the call. Keep in mind: you can sound out the family call anywhere, anytime. You can do it silently at the grocery store, at an event with like-minded people, and so on.

Return to this ritual as often as you feel to. 


Ritual: letting go of the Old and calling in the new - a fire ritual

Good for: shifting patterns and energy // letting go of old thought patterns, stuck emotions, and other energies // releasing that which has held you back // releasing simply that which is now complete // moon manifestation // completion ritual // calling in that which you desire // self empowerment



This fire ritual is one that I find myself returning to in my own practice (and recommending to others) again and again. It combines the power of the written word with the power of the fire, thus creating a potent alchemy that offers profound transformation. 

Fire is a sacred element and a divine spirit that truly lives between worlds. The fire is all powerful, transformative, and can transmute any energy we give it back into the pure energy of spirit. Also, when we pray on an offering, (like tobacco, sage, or cedar or--in the case of this ritual--a piece of paper, our words, and our intentions), and then give it to the fire, the fire carries the prayer through its smoke to reach the heavens. 

In this ritual, we are invited to write on a piece of paper that which we are ready to let go of, change, and/or shift. As you write these intentions on your piece of paper, it's important that you are very present with each word you write. Pour your energy into it. Trust it. Transfer all the energy of that which you are letting go of into the paper. When you give this paper to the fire, as long as you are in trust with the process, the fire can transmute the energy and give it back to God for it to go where it belongs.

You'll repeat this process for that which you are calling in, manifesting--for that which you desire, your visions, and that which you are ready to receive in your life in the physical HereNow. This ritual is a deep meditation and I personally experience instant change when I engage with it.

Know that for this ritual to be most effective, you must be ready to move on from whatever you are letting go of for, if you're not, you may find yourself back in the same situation. We ready once we have learned the lessons. The lessons are the reason we remain in the same state of consciousness regarding whatever we are wishing to let go of, including relationships, beliefs about ourselves (insecurity, unworthiness), and so on. However, also note that this ritual can be a big help in clearing out a lot of the stuck energy related to what you are letting go of; so proceed with it if you feel the call to. If you do feel that doing more digging work around why you have held onto this or that is needed or helpful, read up to the top of the page to the "Preparatory Work" for the first ritual; you can follow this as a guide for discovering the teaching beneath why you have held onto anything in your life that no longer serves you.

Most important, remember: It's not so serious. This is all a beautiful experience with existence where you can step into deeper self empowerment in creating your life. If you feel called to create this fire ritual for yourself, go for it. You can always simply do the manifestations without the letting go too; see below.


The Ritual

You'll need: a cooking pot or outdoor fire, candle, paper, and pen, and a safe place to burn your paper

1. Setting: Set up your space as you feel called. Prepare your altar, light your candles, dim the lights, put on some ambient music, and so on. Step one is always setting up your space and opening/tuning into your connection with the Divine. Spending some time in meditation before you begin your ritual is always supportive. Please reference this page for guidelines, suggestions, and explanations. 

2. Write down, as clearly and specifically as possible, that which you are ready to move on from. Trust and follow the guidance of your soul and your intuition. Perhaps you feel ready to let go of an old thought pattern, a stuck feeling or emotion; a relationship, job, or project. Write it down explicitly in affirmative language, such as "I am now letting go of the remnant feelings of unworthiness and insecurity; and I now clear that old space where the insecurity and unworthiness was and call in the pure light of my soul to fill my heart and entire being with love and truth." Do not write in the negative, such as "I don't want to feel insecure anymore."

3. Now, write your manifestations down, explicitly! The more specific you are, the more clear of a picture you give Spirit! When we were writing our manifestation list for our new house, we included "a house in the Redwoods" and "with an artist studio." Well, we manifested both... the house was literally made of Redwood, but not located with the Redwood trees... and there were two studios on the property, but neither of which were for our use! So write clearly and specifically. Hold nothing back. If you feel inspired for it to be in your life, then Spirit feels inspired to take you towards it. After all, anything you truly desire is arriving within you by the voice of God and that which is real and true. Trust it. (Watch this short video where I talk about this very topic if you would like a fuller understanding.) Again, pour your presence into every single letter as you write. 

4. Connect with your prayer and give it to the fire. You are about to transfer your prayers to the fire. Before you do, take a moment to hold each piece of paper to your chest. Feel all the energy you are letting go of transfer to the paper, and then, give it to the fire to transform the energy. When that is complete, pick up your list of what you are calling in, that which you have now created space for its arrival, and give that prayer to the fire. Burn the paper, and witness its smoke carrying your prayers to the Divine where they will be received and answered.

5. Close your ritual when you are ready.



Ritual: rosewater Prayer - a new moon ritual

Good for: working with the power of the moon // living in prayer // extended prayer // integrating prayer into daily life // manifestation // empowerment

The Rosewater Prayer Ritual gives us a tangible opportunity to integrate our prayerfulness into our everyday life. Here we have a ritual where something physical is created between us and the Divine--something that holds our prayers--that we can interact with on a day to day basis. By returning to the physical item, (in this case, the rosewater), each day, we infuse our prayer into both our life and the world around us; we nurture our connection with all that is holy; and via the longevity of this prayer, we are reminded of our power to co-create with the Divine throughout this life.

The Rosewater serves as a "prayer holder" or a sacrament in this ritual. With that in mind, please note you can follow your own inspiration and create another prayer holder that inspires you, such as herbal infused water; water with any flowers from your garden; essential oil infused water; or just pure and simple water. 

I love performing this ritual on the new moon because it gives the gift of working with the rosewater sacrament for the entire cycle. The new moon is a time of planting new seeds and setting intentions for the month ahead, so it is a sweet and ripe moment to engage in prayer and integrate that prayer into the new cycle. 

This ritual can also simply be a compliment/added to any other ritual you engage in, at any time of the month.


The Ritual

You'll need: clean water; 1 cup of dried rose petals; 32 oz. mason jar

1. Setting: Set up your space as you feel called. Prepare your altar, light your candles, dim the lights, put on some ambient music, and so on. Step one is always setting up your space and opening/tuning into your connection with the Divine. Spending some time in meditation before you begin your ritual is always supportive. Please reference this page for guidelines, suggestions, and explanations. 

2. Create your rosewater: Visit the kitchen and fill your mason jar with 1 cup of dried rose petals and near-boiling water. Make sure the rose petals are covered by the water. Cover the jar with its lid.

3. Return to your ritual space. Place your rosewater somewhere close to you in the room.

4. Now it is time to pray. Pray however you feel called or integrate another ritual into this one at this moment. Simply by being near you during a moment of prayer, the rosewater will absorb the prayers and hold them in its vibration. You can simply meditate; engage in new moon/full moon ritual; engage in any prayerfulness that calls you.

5. Prepare your rosewater for daily use: At the end of your ritual, leave the rosewater in the room. Return to rosewater anywhere from 3 hours to a full day later and strain it. If you leave the roses in the water for too long, it can compromise the health of the water. Simply run the rosewater through a strainer, give the roses back to the Earth, and pour the remaining water back into the jar. 

6. Bless yourself with your rosewater prayer: Fill a spray bottle with some of the rosewater. Leave the rest of the rosewater in the jar. How you play with the rosewater from here is up to you: I like to spray myself each day of that moon cycle with the prayer water and put a bit on my face, forehead, and any other body part that beckons. I'll also add a few drops to the first water I drink in the morning. Other beautiful ways to work with it: spraying the rosewater throughout your house; in your bedroom; on your bed/sheets; on your altar; adding a bit of to a bath; etc.


Ritual: Relationship Clean-up, for lovers, partners, friends & family

Good for: relationship healing // relationship resolution // moving on from past issues, patterns, pain // moving forward in relationships // transitions in relationships // relationship changes

It is normal and healthy that in intimate relationships, things come up. Challenging things. Things that need our courage to face and our lovingness to resolve. This is a great ritual for cleaning up energetic residue that must go and shifting old energy from issues, situations, patterns etc. that are ready to transform. It's fantastic to do this ritual with your beloved, and yet it is also powerful to do it on your own.

Intimacy thrives and is able to reveal its profound potential when it's clear and free and flowing. When it's not clogged by old patterns, resentments, pains, beliefs, and judgments. If we desire to live in love's highest harmony with our beloveds, then it's important we keep the channel between us pure and light. It's inevitable that we will dance the dance of light and dark together, for that's the way of life: but we always have the opportunity to learn and grow from the challenges, and to shift the energy in powerful and transformative ways.

This ritual helps by clearing out the old energy that has been lingering, stuck, and so on, thereby clearing new ground for the seeds, shifts, and changes to root out, flower, and thrive.


The Ritual

Enter this ritual having had an earlier conversation and a clear, mutual understanding about that which you are shifting/letting go.

You'll need: your choice of either a candle or an outdoor fire.

1. Setting: Set up your space as you feel called. Prepare your altar, light your candles, dim the lights, put on some ambient music, and so on. Step one is always setting up your space and opening/tuning into your connection with the Divine. Spending some time in meditation before you begin your ritual is always supportive. Please reference this page for guidelines, suggestions, and explanations. 

2. Connect: Sit facing each other, however is comfortable, close enough that you can extend your hand and touch one another with ease. Look each other in the eyes without projecting any energy onto the other; (in other words, don't "pin" your beloved with your energy, just allow your eyes to be open and revealing). Sit like this for 5-15 minutes, with one person breathing in as the other person breathes out. Set a timer so you don't have to watch a clock. Eyes open, breathing in while the other breathes out, on and on, being present with any feelings of discomfort, excitement, etc. that may arise in your body, while also being present with the connection. Do not react to one another; do not communicate with expressions or words. Allow yourself to tune into the connection on the level of rhythm, vibration, silence, and soul. Just be, together.

3. Create Space: In silence, gently move away from one another as you prepare to enter the next phase of the ritual. 

4. Transforming the Energy: This part of the ritual you should do in whatever manner calls you. You'll either sit together in silence with the fire of the candle, an outdoor fire, or begin a burning ritual. These are just suggestions. If you sit together with the candle, then one of you will begin by stating to Spirit what you are releasing/transforming and what you are calling in. From there, gaze at the fire in silence feeling and sensing and visualizing the old energy leaving you and going to the fire for transformation; and the fire receiving your prayer and supporting its manifestation. If you're at an outdoor fire, the process is the same except you will also give an offering to the fire as a way of honoring and thanking its great spirit. You could offer tobacco, sage, copal, cacao, flower petals, anything that feels right for you. If you engage in a burning ritual, then you will sit together and one of you will write down that which you are releasing/shifting/letting go of, and what you are stepping into/calling in/manifesting. Read it aloud to your beloved and make sure you in agreement about the language. Take your time with this process. When you are ready, you will cut your paper so that you have a handful of "commands" or affirmations of what you are shifting and manifesting; and then you together, you will give these prayers to the fire one (prayer) at a time. 

5. Close the Ritual: and know it is true, it is done.



Ritual: Freeing Your Heart - Releasing Stuck Pain/Emotions

Good for: shifting old energy // end of relationship // relationship changes // broken hearts // tending to your soul // sound healing // magic // alchemy


The Freeing Your Heart Ritual invites us deep into the crevices of our being to release old pain, emotions, and energy that is sitting the system. The ritual happens through the power of our voice and the courage of our soul to express that voice.

Rather than providing a step by step guide of how to engage in this ritual, a brief description will serve you better. Consider this: the power of your voice goes well beyond what most of us can imagine. Sound, at its core, is a primordial vibration capable of creation, destruction, and transformation. In this ritual, you are called to drop into the natural flow of your voice. 

First, you will set up your space so that it feels safe and supportive. Then, when you're ready, you'll sit down quietly by yourself in a meditative state and hold your intention to release stuck pain, emotions, and energy from your heart and soul. Take your time as you feel into your body, and make your way to your heart. As you arrive at your heart, emit whatever sound naturally arises out of you. This will be a continuous sound. Often, it may begin by sounding like moaning, a weak, fragile series of moans and sighs. 

Let your voice work its power as it connects with the old energy and releases it through sound. Do not hold back and do not judge yourself. Let the continuous sound pour from you for as long as it takes. You will know you are coming to the end of the ritual when you begin to feel a shift and the sound of your voice begins to feel more strong and steady. This could take anywhere from a few minutes to thirty minutes--honor your process and explore.

This is a very powerful ritual that you can do anytime to help yourself through difficult moments, moments of transition, relationships changes, and anything else that might be coming up. Just tune in and give yourself what you need, always.



Ritual: The Heart Song - Singing, Manifesting, and Magnetizing Your Truth

Good for: manifesting // self empowerment // living your truth // power of attraction // calling in soul mates, visions, projects // tuning in with synchronicity // empowered living // power of sound



This is a ritual that came to me years ago while I was living in Peru. I had just finished a meditation when I received the knowingness that in every moment that we use our voice, our voice is attracting that which arrives in our lives. In this moment, I became very aware that our voice is a mathematical composition, and that composition communicates and commands a myriad of things to the Universe. Our voice is saying yes to specific things and no to others, simply by virtue of its resonance. From there, I was shown a very powerful ritual we can all do to clarify and announce our voice to Spirit as a way of intentionally working with our voice as a tool for manifestation.

This ritual actually brings up the interesting conversation of intention. Are our voices really that powerful that in every moment of our life when we speak or sing or cry or yell, we are manifesting something into being (or not being)? Yes. But the difference here in this ritual is that when we couple that power with intention, the power amplifies. The manifestation of our words, thoughts, voices etc. is happening simply by virtue of the laws of existence, whether we choose to acknowledge it or not. But when we are aware of this process of manifestation, and when we work with it intentionally, a metaphysical fire is lit that heats up the entire process, essentially increasing its power and volume. (I wrote about this quite a bit in A Ceremony Called Life in the chapter The Power of Language).

The intention of this ritual is to connect deeply with your truth and your voice, and to then express the sound of your voice. The intention is that the sound of your voice will carry itself through all of existence, holding the essential prayer of your entire life, and filling all of existence with the inevitable fulfillment of that prayer.


The Ritual

1. Setting: Set up your space as you feel called. Prepare your altar, light your candles, dim the lights, put on some ambient music, and so on. Step one is always setting up your space and opening/tuning into your connection with the Divine. Spending some time in meditation before you begin your ritual is always supportive. Please reference this page for guidelines, suggestions, and explanations.

2. Meditation: Sit silently, with music on or off, for at least 15 minutes with the intention of tuning into the truth of your life. This is not complicated and is not meant to inspire a story or a fantasy--it is not meant to be a fabrication of the ego or mind. Rather, when I write to "tune into your truth," I mean the simple, wordless truth that rests in your core. It's simply a state of presence and in that state of presence, your life unfolds in the sweetest of ways. In that state of presence, the purest prayer of your being can come through your being, as if you are channel and the prayer for your life is a prayer of God's, and not your own self's. 

3. Heart Song: When you are ready, emit whatever sounds come from you in the form of a song. There does not need to be a melody; this is a natural process. By "song," I simply mean that you emit a continuous sound from your depths. Sense the knowingness that this sound contains within it the highest visions of your life as created by God; and the inevitability of their manifestation, as the prayer of your life is the prayer of the Universe and for that, its realization is supported by all of existence. Witness this prayer traveling through all layers of existence, penetrating all things, a part of the whole harmony of this world. 

4. Close: Once you feel your song is complete and has been received by existence, close however feels true to you.