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Tehya Sky, I thank you so much for this [Soul] Reflection, this touches the core of my soul. All that you’ve said here resonates deeply and matches the many changes I’ve been seeking. You’ve helped stoke a fire that had dulled within me. I feel a wave washing over the doubt I’d somehow found for myself. It’d be almost eerie how spot on your words are for me, how deep they touch... but I know it’s magic, it’s the universe, it’s being part of the All. I’m feeling many things in my life right now; fear, anxiety, happiness, peace, wonder, excitement...
I cannot thank you enough for this. May everyone feel a touch of your love 🙏
— J.B.

The Soul Reflection letters are entries written specifically for you while I am in a psychic trance. They include whatever reflections come to me as the most vital information to share with you at this moment in your life. The details are centered around your growth, your freedom, your clarity, your being-in-truth. They often include a reflection of your gifts, of where your spirit strengths are in this moment, and where Life is calling you to grow—to take the next step. It is my prayer that you find these letters liberating, affirmative, illuminating, and very, very supportive. They are often one to two pages in length.*

Please note that rather than seeking answers to specific questions, these letters open up the field to God to invite in the information that is most needed to support you in your life right now. Often what is channeled is related to soul growth, to seeing what needs to be seen in this moment for you to cleanse, purify, grow, move on, heal, rest in your wholeness. If there is a specific area of life where you would like a reflection, please do request it! (And in that case, you are welcome to ask up to four questions/four life areas for reflection). However, please remember that Spirit will give what Spirit will give and I am just a messenger:) 

At the moment, Soul Reflection letters are written in harmony with the Full Moon. Please note: spots are limited each month so make sure you order in advance if you wish to receive your reflection soon. Soul Reflection recipients will be automatically gifted 20% off their first private session with Sky.

Upcoming Soul Reflection 2019 dates: April 19 (Pink Moon); May 18 (Flower Moon); June 17 (Strawberry Moon); July 16 (Buck Moon); August 15 (Sturgeon Moon); September 14 (Harvest Moon); October 13 (Hunter’s Moon); November 12 (Beaver Moon); December 12 (Cold Moon)

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“Dear Sky,
This [Soul Reflection] is such a beautiful letter and gift. It brought tears to my eyes and resonates deeply. Your reading has already provided me with beautiful gifts. Thank you with all my heart.”
— S


How To receive a soul reflection letter

  1. Click the Buy Now button to the right to purchase your letter. REQUIRED

  2. Take a photograph of yourself with a simple background; where your face is most of the photograph and your eyes are open. Photo should have good resolution; please no grainy, zoomed-in photographs. No hats or glasses. Straight-on, please. REQUIRED

  3. Take a short video, (as short as a few seconds is fine), of yourself: Looking clearly into the camera, simply state your name and say hello (or anything else that may come to you to speak is fine and welcome too). NOT REQUIRED, BUT HELPFUL.

  4. Send an email to [email protected] that includes:

    1. Your full name REQUIRED

    2. Your date of birth REQUIRED

    3. The photograph REQUIRED

    4. The video, if you have chosen to take one, or a link to view the video NOT REQUIRED

    5. Confirmation of the email address at which you would like to receive your Soul Reflection REQUIRED

    6. Up to four questions/areas of life you would like me to focus on, if any. Note: It is recommended to not ask questions or for me to focus on a specific area unless it is strongly needed or a strong feeling you have. Part of the beauty of Reflections is that they may surprise you and give you unexpected gifts. NOT REQUIRED



Letters may arrive to your email inbox anywhere between 3-14 after the Soul Reflection full moon date. 

Please note because the content of your letters is not coming from me or my mind, (which is to say, it is not my creation and I am not controlling it), the length of letters may vary based on whatever arrives while in trance. *For the same reasons, I am unable to make any guarantees about the content or the length. However, most Soul Reflections are 1-2 pages in length.

If you have any questions about the Soul Reflections, please go ahead and write me at [email protected] 


The prayer here is that these letters will give you a strong, insightful, loving, clarifying look in the mirror and empower you to move forward in your life with connection and love, with appreciation of your Self. May it be so.