Recommended Brands

This is a list of various brands whose products I have personally experimented with. If they are on this list, their ingredients are well-sourced, organic/naturally grown, ethical small companies.



Mountain Rose Herbs

This company sells bulk herbs, herbal blends, spices, tinctures, cleansers, and ingredients for making your own beauty products, candles, etc (and more). Nearly all of the herbs in my tea hutch are from them. (*Good if you are looking for high quality bulk herbs at a good price)



Chandika Pranic Formulations

Based in Topanga, CA, founded by an Ayruvedic practitioner, this company is a christmas list daydream. An endless treasure cove of Aryuvedic creations and formulas, well-sourced, high vibrational, and powerful. Think transdermal b12, turmeric soap, deodorants, digestive healers, nasal oil, and so much more. (*Good if you wish to explore Aruveydic formulas. You may need support from a practitioner to determine dosing and what is best for you.)

Yes Cacao

The world's best chocolate, simple as that. Organic, impeccably sourced, and every batch is created by a true magician and gorgeous being. These chocolates give us the gift of chocolate as a vehicle for herbal medicine. Each one is alchemized with an herbal formula for different purposes, as noted on each bar. And they are insanely delicious.

Garden of Eden Apothecary

Located and hand-crafted in Point Reyes, CA by a beautiful, wise woman named Eden. Her line includes organic, small batch, herbal-infused breast salve, yoni butter, moisturizers, and other creams, hydrosols, supplements, and specific support for men, women, and children. Her breast salve and yoni butter is a treasured part of my daily ritual. (*Good if you wish to explore hand-crafted, transdermal herbal creams & tinctures etc.)

Pact Apparel

I love this company for their organic underwear for men and women. My husband loves his cotton briefs from them and I love my underwear. Not the most interesting designs, but basic and clean. They also make lounge clothes, socks, etc.

Wise Women Herbals

An herbal company with a wide array of powerful formulas for the entire body and system. (*Good if you wish to explore a powerful Western formulas)