One-on-One with Sky

“Suffering happens when we believe the solution is outside of ourselves.” -Tehya Sky

Hi dear Sky. I just wanted to send you an update and some deep gratitude. Things have literally never been better. It is kind of mind-blowing how the themes you identified and what we worked on together have manifested over the last couple of months in the most beautiful ways!!! So grateful! blessing and love to you!!
— Sarah, NYC

The mantra of my work is this: When meaningfulness is discovered, growth happens.

As a guide and healing facilitator, I listen clairvoyantly to any challenges you are experiencing & wherever you need guidance, and help you to discover the truth, meaning, and growth that is waiting for you within the experience. Our work together then helps you to embody and enjoy the growth that you are ready for.

Our work together can help you to move through core issues/life patterns/traumas, drop deeper into truth; get clarity on where you are at in this life moment; discover and integrate what you are learning; and help you to experience life ongoing as the meaningful, loving ceremony it is.

Sky’s session work with me has directly resulted in me finding true love. The moment this person entered my life, both she and I knew this was a serious and long-lasting connection. I give significant credit to Sky shifting—both consciously and energetically—resistances and blockages that were preventing me from finding this new love.
— Eric Bates, Nashville


Our Work Together is about Vulnerability, Presence, Accountability… and from there: Truth, Meaningfulness, and Embodiment

  • Discover the lesson of Truth that is within whatever you are experiencing

  • Explore your vulnerability and what it is teaching you and showing you

  • Learn the importance of vulnerability, presence, and accountability, and how it relates to discovering meaning and beauty in every day life; and how to apply it to your life

  • Go beyond the layers of personality and the mind.... to rest into whatever is happening

  • Get un-stuck, meet resistance with gentleness, allow blockages to melt, and move back into the flow of life

  • Discover meaning within life challenges, and therefore move into the Growth phase

  • Clarify what is going on in your inner world

  • Refine your prayer in this world: What does it mean to simply rest as you are? What is it that you desire, that lights you up? What is it that you intend for your actions/communication to symbolize? Synchronizing the being with the deep, inner prayer

  • Connecting with intuition and deep inner voice

  • Collect fragmented energy that was stuck in past traumas, relationships, thought processes, and so on, and bring that energy back into your being in the Here-Now

  • Awaken clarity

  • Receive help allowing your perspective to shift into simplicity, clarity, and love, and out of the mind/tension/resistance/stories/the details/the past/ideas about “becoming”

  • Accept, understand, and work with your changing cycles and changing feelings

  • Learn ways in which you can discover meaning and shift on your own

  • Learn rituals you can practice on your own

  • Learn what it means to have your own daily personal practice

Thank you for last night Sky. For your insight, intuition and healing in response to my situation.

I wanted to let you know that there was a profound opening and clearing this morning in meditation. I felt such a surge of devotion and bliss that my heart broke open. There was some strong emotion rising too, some shapeshifting and energy moving in the body.

So it feels like an initiation into the next chapter has happened. It’s felt as though for this to be able to happen, my heart’s needed to break open somehow. And it would seem it just has.

I would say that there’s also been a realignment. I got in touch with you because there seemed to be change in direction - leaving relationship behind to devote myself more fully into deepening into presence. It no longer appears to me as necessarily a choice between one or the other.

I have no idea what you did or what happened but thank you and much love to you.

— Lindsey, U.K.

Sessions are available over the phone, Skype, or in-person in The San Francisco Bay Area

When I came to Sky, I was in the midst of an intense physical process. She helped clear and bring awareness to the underlying energetic issues at the root of my ailment. By the next day, I felt a very noticeable difference in my physical, mental and emotional states. Sky is an incredibly talented healer, whose powers of connection and intuition are a true gift.
— Marnita, Peru