We're all just walking each other home -Ram Dass

Sky’s session work with me has directly resulted in me finding true love. The moment this person entered my life, both she and I knew this was a serious and long-lasting connection. I give significant credit to Sky shifting—both consciously and energetically—resistances and blockages that were preventing me from finding this new love.

Eric Bates, Nashville

Healing and Awakening is an endless journey, sometimes slow and sometimes very sudden. The sessions with Sky were of the instant kind. Issues that I have been working on for many years dissolved in a 90 minutes session and I could feel the shift right away. I am coming back over and over again, not only because it is so efficient, but also because I love her open loving and trustworthy nature. Thank you so much!

Stephan Lakshman Oesterreicher, Germany

I'm not sure where to start but firstly I'd like to thank you that I could be part of one of your life moment and that you make it extraordinary and shifting for me. Because through your love and lightness and all together ….the magic of the chocolate, people around, power of the place or the energy of the dance helped  to "open my heart". I have to say that until then I did not understand what this words means:)

But I truly noticed and felt that at least one layer of “my song of my life” was opened to me and it feels so subtle and vulnerable!! I guess that the feeling might be much deeper since this was one of my first moments that I had an opportunity to taste a bit of "juiciness" of myself:) and the rawness of my true feelings. But I am enjoying it so much in all aspects! I am so grateful that you gave me the opportunity to feel the freedom of being. It is such a strange, unknown, wild and sensitive feeling. Yea it truly is!

Gabi D., Sweden

I am still grateful for the session with Sky because it started one of my deepest inner work series for my evolution. I got to know a strong pattern within me that felt almost as old as the earth. Instantly we managed to create change in my unconscious which gave me more strength and more surrender. Also the presence of this beautiful woman is very loving and caring so for me it was very easy to go deep and make profound changes within myself. If I did not do that session, I don’t know if I would be here where I am now….

Djaï Heijn, Holland

Hi dear Sky. I just wanted to send you an update and some deep gratitude. Things have literally never been better. It is kind of mind-blowing how the themes you identified and what we worked on together have manifested over the last couple of months in the most beautiful ways!!! So grateful! blessing and love to you!!

Sarah, New York City

Sky, I want to express deep gratitude. One of the reasons why I hold much love towards you and your work is that by receiving guidance to know what to ask myself and let myself respond to my own questions is something invaluable. Sometimes my mind gets clouded by my own shackles. I thank you for your practice, it allowed me to have deep conversation with myself through you, plus words of encouragement are always helpful. Thanks for your completely loving and direct touch, it feels like a slow big wave that takes you where you need to go by being smooth and letting yourself surf your way towards healing, and finding the tools to navigate your life. From my heart, thank you.

Seiji Takahashi, Mexico/Australia

Hello Sky

Thank you for last night Sky.  For your insight, intuition and healing in response to my situation.

I wanted to let you know that there was a profound opening and clearing this morning in meditation.  I felt such a surge of devotion and bliss that my heart broke open.  There was some strong emotion rising too, some shapeshifting and energy moving in the body.

So it feels like an initiation into the next chapter has happened. It's felt as though for this to be able to happen, my heart's needed to break open somehow.  And it would seem it just has.  

I would say that there's also been a realignment.  I got in touch with you because there seemed to be change in direction - leaving relationship behind to devote myself more fully into deepening into presence.  It no longer appears to me as necessarily a choice between one or the other.  

I have no idea what you did or what happened but thank you and much love to you.

Lindsey, UK

Sky is a healer who embodies are a rare combination of clairvoyance and insight that is communicated with both kindness and grace. Her ability to delve deep into matters of the heart, to really see me as a whole person, trauma, gifts and all, is astounding. 

As a healer myself, I am quite in tune with long distance work in general. And Sky’s work goes right where it is needed most. In my sessions with her she was able to see me exactly where I was at, and she helped create shifts in me that were immediate and lasting. Following my sessions with her I immediately notice being more awake to Reality, to my Self, to the Absolute. My relationship to the world continues to grow more spacious, and the potential that exists within me feels more within reach. 

I look forward to doing more of this work with her. She is an incredible healer and soul.

Eric Bates, Nashville

When I came to Sky, I was in the midst of an intense physical process. She helped clear and bring awareness to the underlying energetic issues at the root of my ailment. By the next day, I felt a very noticeable difference in my physical, mental and emotional states. Sky is an incredibly talented healer, whose powers of connection and intuition are a true gift.

Marnita, Peru & USA

I’ve had about 20 sessions with Sky and each one has been amazing. We’ve worked on everything from past life traumas to reconnecting to my magic and so much more. It’s hard to tell about all the things we have worked on because the healing is so effective and profound that issues are removed so permanently and from the roots that I almost forget what they even were. But I can tell you this…

I was struggling with the aftermath of a dark spiritual encounter for about a year and a half. As a result of this encounter I started having hormonal and emotional imbalances, PMS, painful menstruations, overran infections and cysts, depression, attacks from entities and horrendous imbalances in my life and relationship. In one of my sessions with Sky I brought up this encounter. We looked into it and found the roots and Sky set to work removing it. It took the whole session but when she was done I felt like I had been let out of the cage I had been watching myself go crazy from. I was myself again. I can say that many of the symptoms disappeared almost instantly and the rest I am working on clearing out of my body.

Sky's healing sessions are a very rare and special blessing. Her insight, openness and ability to channel are amazing and make the healing work deeply more profound. Issues really do just disappear instantly with this healing. Her beauty and grace as a healer never fail to amaze me. I love you Sky, thank you so much for the astounding work you’ve done. You have inspired me to become a Healer so that I can share this give with the world.

Jasmine, United Kingdom

Sky is an exceptionally kind and gifted healer, and the most genuinely loving healer I’ve experienced through many years of receiving energy work. During our session she identified and cleared a deep blockage that nobody else had found, and my life has improved ever since. This was directly tied to the main challenge I’d had in this lifetime…big changes occurred here…thank you. She also brought through an auspicious message from my Father who had recently crossed over. Sky has my highest recommendation.  

JoJo Shaiken, California

I had never done the kind of energy work that Sky offers before, so I wasn't quite sure what to expect. Regardless of the unknown, I felt confident in going to see her because I could sense her spiritual depth, her incredible presence, and the way she weaves her vast skill set and earth wisdom into a customized experience for each person. I went into the session curious about what was next for me professionally. I was shocked when she shared a powerful, life-changing message from my father that had just recently passed! The way she approached the session and shared the healing broke me open and healed me up in all the ways I didn't even know I needed. That one session was equivalent to YEARS of working on myself both personally and professionally!!! I cannot thank Tehya enough for the incredible, feminine, intuitive healing work she does in the world. She comes with my highest recommendation!

Tracy Jones, California

Sky is wonderful, insightful, amazing healer!! so very good, she touched on everything i had emailed her to go through, without even reading it! very compassionate and sweet too! that always helps! here’s to lots more with Sky!

Caroline, California

Finding places in my soul that I didn't know existed. Thank you. 

Elise, Colorado