Altar of Your Life

When the fire of love burns in your heart,

everything you say leads you on the path.

Sit beside that fire.

Be warmed by it.

Let it burn away the questions.

Let that fire be the center of the altar of your life,

the middle of the compass,

just like that.

Listen to it as it

reminds you 

Who you are,

Where you come from,

Where you are going.

Listen to it as it reminds you

of your Self.

Again and again, return to it 

in shadowy nights—when you forget, 

let it ignite you with the secrets of your soul.


Be the hearth of your own desire.

Let the flames be fanned by your witnessing breath. 

Disappear into the molten smolder of your unfolding,

and be reborn—

For it was only ever your own heart

begging for itself.