Just To Be, and To Be Still

Just to be,

and to be still.

No need to even pray for

all prayers are already woven into my blood.

My prayers for my son—

for the women, for the Earth,

for my own growing soul—

just to be,

and to be still—

Let the prayers travel the soundscape of before life, after life, and life itself,

just to be,

and to be still—

the strongest prayer there is, 

the need to pray dissolving,

as all is already-said in stillness, and already is. 

My prayers for my son

are your prayers for your sons,

and your daughters,

and your family, your life,

the God-given waters. 

My prayers are your prayers 

and when I pray, your prayers are sung—

the stillness within all of us,

a prayer for each ones life—

holy and inevitable—

just to be, and to be still.