The Three Day Man

by Tehya Sky


you are the three day man,
appearing at this red door after
years of traversing all of space inside out,
arriving pure and easy with the next
breath of air and not leaving my side
for three days.

you are the three day man,
our kisses found each other straightaway
and melted into their own sort of something
by sunrise day two, and with each inch and bristle of the
paintbrush they became followed awakenings
of colored sounds from some other life, so long ago.

you are the three day man
and our hearts are wings of
untold feathers of chromatic,
harmonious magic, one big wing speciously
of two, speciously of trillions.

within the feather is the wing and within
the wing is the feather. together we jumped off
so many cliffs in these three days and in this
mystery spell of life the more i lose myself,
the more i find.

you are the three day man.

we know the form is irrelevant and
we know the tools of art we share are
everlasting and now i tell you in words
all we needed were these three days.

the painting made and complete and the
three feathers awoken in their entirety
to the life they are, stretching the wings
further open, letting the falls turn to flight,
letting the heart be the only thing it ever was,
open wings made to soar.

and we didn’t need forever in the way most
people understand the word,
because we had forever and this is already forever.

and you will soon know the clear language
of the wind, i have no doubt.

you are the three day man.