The Dervish

by Tehya Sky


the invisible within my chest is
open canyon, blown wide by the
meteor of your love, and where there
were both of us i now dance alone,
sufi whirling silken scarves about my

pushing weight upon my toes
as the movement takes over, looking to the sky
sun kissed and emptied,
filled to the brim by a grace
immaculate, ablaze, precise.

frightened to the point of
radiant absolution that there could ever
be anything else than all of this.

horrified to the point of dissolution,
to the point of realizing this as love.

the memory of your kisses hits me like
moonlight, teases itself upon my lips,
dashes this gorgeous, cratered space with the soft
sandstorm of mystery and here i am,

dancing alone in this round valley of
love unveiled, knowing the greatest parts of you
are watching on, holding me in reverence
as i pirouette and fly,

and die.