Avocado Season

by Tehya Sky


tearing through shades
of feeling faster than a
speeding bullet, more
powerful than a locomotive,
able to leap tall buildings in
a single bound

tearing through shades of
feeling decades of minute by
decades of minute, day in and
day out, week in and week out,
avocado season in,
avocado season out,

tearing through shades of feeling like
a heart in a cocaine riddle: cavorting through
palatial this, palatial that, polarized this,
idolized that, breath for shining breath,
sea to shining sea,
buzzing about this fecund forest of drama of
monkey brains of fingerless beggars, of spineless kings,
toothless queens, of providence of providence!,
of divine providence while the

baby cries with fever alone and supine on
the steps, fists in air, boxing,
faith already beveled why why why
a toucan sings where’s the curtain call where’s the river?

the frog, idiot savant, sits nearby,
silent on a wooden log,