“Hi dear Sky. I just wanted to send you an update and some deep gratitude. Things have literally never been better. It is kind of mind-blowing how the themes you identified and what we worked on together have manifested over the last couple of months in the most beautiful ways!!! So grateful! blessing and love to you!!
— Sarah, NYC

One-on-One with Sky


As a guide and healing facilitator, I listen clairvoyantly to any challenges you are experiencing & wherever you need guidance, and help you to discover the truthmeaning, and growth that is waiting within the experience for you to discover. Our work together then helps you to integrateembody, and enjoy the growth that you are ready for.

Our work together can help you to move through core issues/life patterns/traumas, drop deeper into truth; get clarity on where you are at in this life moment; discover and integrate what you are learning; and help you to experience life ongoing as the meaningful, loving ceremony it is.

Current Menu of Offerings:

Spiral of Light Sessions

The Spiral of Light sessions are XL sessions where a lot happens in a short amount of time. These sessions a 90 minute metaphysical journey into your life themes, karmic lines, and other subconscious aspects in a journey into the origins and from there, into resolution and closure.  Read more here.

Personal Guidance Sessions

These sessions unfold at a gentle/medium pace and are meant to support you wherever you are in your journey. In these sessions, Sky offers guidance and reflection in response to your sharing, mirroring back to you where you are in this moment with insight to help you move forward/into resolution/deeper understanding and so on. Read more here.


The Deep Dive Session Series

Soul Reflections



How We Begin

We'll either dive straight into your first session, or begin with a free 10-minute consultation where you can ask any questions you have about working together/receiving support. I currently offer three types of sessions: Personal Guidance (described on the very page you are on now), Spiral of Light, and the intensive Deep Dive