Sky also offers Moon Manifestation Sessions, where the two of you work with the magic of the moon phases to enhance that which you are looking to shift or call into your life.

In Full Moon Sessions, when the energy is intense and cathartic, the two of you go deep into that which needs to be released for you to receive and create that which you are looking to have in your life.

In New Moon Sessions, when the energy is receptive and fertile, the two of you focus on clarifying your vision and planting the seeds with a raised voice to the heavens... to support your visions in manifesting.

In both sessions, you can expect to be introduced to ritual work and to learn how to work with your spirit as a microphone to God. You can also expect powerful, deep, quick results, which is simply the result of learning how to work with the magic of life.

Special deals for those who wish to do both a Full Moon & New Moon session in the same cycle. The sessions work incredibly in conjunction with one another, but each session is complete on its own. Trust your intuition about which to choose.

Book as you would a regular session on the Private Sessions page, and email Tehya Sky for the details on the Moon Package. Available over Skype.