Dear Everyone,

A quick message about my work as a healing facilitator/channel.

It is incredible to be invited to explore the depth and width of various people's soul experiences, wild and humbling to witness the life shifts that often follow. For example, one of my regular clients, Eric, just met the love of his life after a series of sessions that included his desire to meet his partner as inspiration for our work together. While I would hesitate to give our sessions credit for the beautiful unfolding of their meeting, my sense is that that our work together was certainly part of the equation. In Eric's words:

Sky’s session work with me has directly resulted in me finding true love. The moment this person entered my life, both she and I knew this was a serious and long-lasting connection. I give significant credit to Sky shifting—both consciously and energetically—resistances and blockages that were preventing me from finding this new love.
— Eric Bates, Nashville

The enthusiasm and wonder I feel about the current iteration of my work in session-format has me inspired to give away one Personal Guidance session per month.

If you would like to add your name to the magic hat, please fill out the form below. PLEASE ONLY ENTER YOUR NAME ONCE - ALL NAMES AMASS AS THE MONTHS GO BY AND SO YOU WILL BE IN FUTURE DRAWINGS. The drawing is open to both new and past clients and recipients will be revealed at random each month on the full moon. If your name is revealed, you will be notified via email within a day or two of the full moon. Note: Once you've entered your name into the Hat, you will automatically be included in the drawing for future months. You only need to enter once.

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