Meditation Guidance

Sky also offers guidance to support you in discovering, re-discovering, or deepening your meditation practice. These sessions can happen as a one-off, but it is generally recommended to do at least three sessions to create a system of continuity and accountability.

Meditation Guidance sessions include a sharing around what meditation is, (how it's likely not what you thought it was), and guidance on how to begin and deepen your practice. In the sessions, you are welcome to ask any questions you may have regarding meditation and your practice. 

Sessions are a succinct 45 minutes. To schedule/ask any questions, click here.



Sky has been meditating nearly every day for the past nine years, with the only pause happening after the birth of her son. She credits her practice with supporting her in seeing through a clear perspective, cleansing the psychic debris that often collects upon us each day, stepping into her life work, feeling anchored, rooted, and integrated within her body, remembering who she truly is, and supporting her in remaining/returning to a state of non-reactivity and instead: empowered, loving response.

Sky is a healer who embodies are a rare combination of clairvoyance and insight that is communicated with both kindness and grace. Her ability to delve deep into matters of the heart, to really see me as a whole person, trauma, gifts and all, is astounding.
— Eric Bates, Nashville