Mastering the Magic Wand, 4 Months

Here, we begin with Dusting off the Magic Wand (above) and move into its Mastery. Once we have dug through that which was holding you back from manifesting your best and truest vision of your life, we dive deeply into the path of mastery where you will reawaken innate wisdom for mastering your life. Our shared goal, here, is that through this 4-Month journey, you have worked through the biggest misunderstandings that had been holding you back... have shifted your perspective into alignment with divine truth... and stepped into manifesting the life of your highest calling. 

Reach out to schedule a free 15-20 minute consultation to feel into which program is right for you.

what you get / the DETAILS:

  • Four months worth of one-on-one mentoring support and tracking of your transformative process.
  • Eight (8) 1-Hour private mentoring sessions throughout your 4 month intensive journey. One call every other week, with an additional 30-Minute session for the moment that needs it most. 
  • Customized weekly practices and rituals to support your intentions in between sessions.
  • Intuitive, clairvoyant guidance throughout the process.
  • Continuous unveiling of truth.
  • Work focused on the shifting subconscious blocks that hold you back from embodying your highest vision of your life.
  • Digging work to shift any fears, beliefs, insecurities, hesitancies etc. that prevent you from living your truth and feeling your truth through your body.
  • Practical advice, suggestions for moving through daily life.
  • Ritual suggestions and explanations to support your transformation and shifts.
  • Unlimited loving and compassionate email support throughout your journey.*
  • Accountability and follow-up to make sure you are staying with the program and your commitments. 
  • Eagle-eyed tracking of your transformation.
  • Downloadable recording of each session.
  • A celebratory welcome package to mark the beginning of your mentorship journey.

and advanced mastery work, including:

  • Conscious languaging work: explanations and support in restructuring your language and the way you verbally interact with the world. Your words are magic spells!
  • Learn how to cleanse yourself and your space energetically.
  • The importance and power of prayer.
  • Accountability and encouragement regarding the commitment of cleansing, meditation etc. 
  • Deep body-intuition-rhythm work to support your intuition and psychic channels opening, and you becoming aware of how to work with these aspects of yourself.
  • Support in realizing life as one big ceremony, and discovering accessible rituals/ceremonies you can do by yourself.
  • Deepening the understanding and working-with of others as a mirror and cleansing that mirror more and more for a life of clarity.
  • Constant reflections that you are the master of your world, and reflections/deconstruction of how you are creating the life you experience.
  • Deep, intensive empowerment work: learning how to work with your entire life and all that you experience for your betterment, clarity, empowerment and joy.


One-time, upfront payment: $4,000

Two installments: $2,000 (two payments, one per month for two months)

Four installments: $1,100 (four payments, one per month for 4 months)

Other payment options available to suit you financially.