Life as Immersive Prayer is an online group guidance program for people of all ages, colors, traditions, and cultures, meeting in the simplicity of Earth&spirit based prayer.

Dedicated to detecting, refining, & reaffirming the Prayer of Your Life; in alliance with our Interrelatedness to all things; melting into embodied prayerfulness in every day life; enjoying&living within the simple reality and truth that prayer is an always open, life-giving portal of creativity, connection, and love! And, of course, witnessing the manifestations of our prayers as they begin to flower in our lives:)

Join the group live or go at your own pace…

What’s Included: 

  • Live weekly group guidance calls (recorded), optional to join (with time for sharings + Q&A)

  • 3 videos per week of teachings, wisdom, and practice/ritual guidance

  • 2 “inspiration days” per week to spark your spirit and practice + expand your perspective

  • Community of kindred spirits for support and connection via private Facebook group

  • Spotify group meditation playlist to support your practice

  • Optional: A statement of accountability (signed by you) to support you in showing up to your personal practice (recommended minimum 15 minutes per day) 

  • Lifetime access to the course and live call recordings

Dates: Jan. 5th - Feb. 23rd, 2020

Times: Self-guided. You may join the group in real-time, or you may go at your own pace. The course unfolds in real-time Monday-Friday, and you can log onto the course at anytime that works for you. Live group calls will happen on Sundays. Course sharings range from 7 minutes–20 minutes/day, (and it is recommended, but not required, that you supplement each course sharing by at least 15 minutes of offline personal daily practice)


Course Overview

The Word: Unveiling the Holy Power of Language

  • Purify the integrity of your Word

  • Integrating Love as “the Word”

  • Bring healing to underlying issues that prevent loving words and thoughts

  • Learn and assimilate the ancient power and magic of word symbology

  • Learn how Spirit interprets and enacts upon your words 

  • Deepen your understanding of psychic resonance and the law of attraction

  • Understand the psychic resonance of words that empower versus words that deplete and drain power

  • Refine and reaffirm the Prayer of Your Life through the words you choose

  • Ritual practice for working with the power of writing and words

Body as Prayer: Footsteps, Movement, & Intimacy

  • Engaging and exploring your body as it reveals and holds the Prayer of Your Life

  • Exploring your body as a vehicle for prayer

  • Understanding the power of tantric touch and its relation to prayer

  • Become more cognizant of how each movement of your body either flows and speaks your cosmic voice or represses your cosmic voice - and the Prayer of Your Life

  • Sensuality as prayer

  • Embodiment practices for moving energy and embodying the Prayer of Your Life

  • Discovering and strengthening the intuitive flow from within the body

Feel Your Prayer Everywhere

  • Discover how you are in constant, continuous dialogue with the Divine, always communicating a command for creation

  • See prayerfulness and the Prayer of Your Life in all things, all interactions, all creatures around you

  • Embodying and enjoying the laws of Interrelatedness

  • Integrate your understanding of the Nucleus of Prayer

  • Melting into gratitude practices

  • Feeling the quiet joy of interrelatedness 

  • Celebrating the beautiful Prayer of Your Life

The Essence of Prayer

  • Learn about the simple essence of prayer

  • Purify the waters of your body, life, and Earth with specific prayer rituals 

  • Be guided into understanding and detecting the Prayer of Your Life 

  • Learn about prayer motifs and how to return to, remain connected, and retireate the “Prayer of Your Life” at any time

  • Align with the power of Interrelatedness to all things

  • Connecting with the Earth in prayer

Home as the Prayer Womb

  • Establish your home as the womb temple of your prayers

  • Setting altars throughout home

  • Letting go of old energy that are contrary to current life prayer

  • Learn how to expand the Prayer of Your Life throughout your entire home

Present Anyway: Touch & Sound

  • Feeling ourselves more deeply, authentically, completely, including on the subtle levels

  • Detecting, returning to, and remaining in prayerfulness during more difficult moments and challenging emotions

  • Learn to skillfully engage with challenging experiences as a pathway to refinement & reaffirmation of your prayer

  • Working with your senses as an essential pathway into prayerfulness

  • Understand how reaction undermines prayer, and response empowers prayer

The Tea & Chocolate: The Magic of Mundane Prayer

  • Engaging with the simple yet profound invitations of life’s mundane moments

  • Celebrating the ordinary, precious portals of life, like tea and chocolate and showering

  • Diving into the meeting of tantra and prayer

  • Sensing prayer in all that you contact and absorb

  • Refreshing the way you see mundane life with new eyes

  • Embodying the prayer of Playfulness


Course Package, early bird price, is $275. *includes everything listed above

Optional Add-On packages available on course website, link below

*Scholarships and payment plans available. Write to [email protected] to inquire.