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Your power is in your heart.

We don't need to be healed; it is our perspective that needs to be healed. We are perfect as we are. "Way of the heart" is a phrase that references the beauty way, the path of opening & resting more and more into our hearts through all moments of life. Through the "Way of the Heart" practice, we explore that, and support you in returning home to your heart.

Don’t die again
With that holy ruby mine inside
Still unclaimed

When you could be swinging
A golden pick with each step.
— Hafiz
Photo courtesy of  www.pachamama.com  

Photo courtesy of www.pachamama.com 

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Tehya Sky's Book

Sky's debut book about letting life be your spiritual practice will be released in Spring 2016 through Sounds True. Read an excerpt that was featured on Ram Dass's website below.

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