Fertility, Pregnancy, and Childbirth


Ways to support your fertile body in coming even more alive

  • Acupuncture from a clinic specializing in fertility
  • Evening Primrose Oil to support healthy cervical fluid
  • Probiotics for a happy body
  • Learn about your menstrual cycle. Take your temperature each morning and log it into a fertility chart, like Fertility Friend, as a way to discover when you are ovulating, your cycle's regularity, etc. The information you accumulate about your cycle can also empower you to address any underlying issues, if there any. Read Taking Charge of Your Fertility as a reference and amazing guidebook for all of this.
  • Get familiar with your cervical fluid and learn about it's role in conception.
  • Drink herbal teas full of herbs that support the female reproductive system (and spirit), such as red raspberry leaf, nettles, vitex berries, dandelion leaf, spearmint, and there are more. Mountain Rose Herbs makes a blend called Fecunditea which is great.
  • Address any underlying emotional/spiritual issues related to why you might be afraid of getting pregnant, raising a child, fear about if your body can handle it, fear of your power, trauma around your own birth etc through whatever therapies work best for you. I recommend work that focuses on shifting the subconscious mind, like ThetaHealing, or plant medicine.



a time for gentleness, healing, and education. an initiation.

  • Herbal teas that support the cervix and reproductive system (as mentioned above)
  • A healthy diet of alkaline, non-mucus forming foods, non-inflammatory foods, little to no refined sugars; full of healthy organic plant based meals, organic happy meats if you are a carnivore. 
  • Educate yourself about childbirth as a way of empowering yourself to experience the birth your heart desires.
  • Prepare your body for childbirth by walking and prenatal yoga. More active women who were up to bigger exercises before, consult with your primary care provider about what you can continue doing, and during which trimester. Listen to your body and don't push your limits. The goal is not to lose weight but to prepare the body for a healthy birth.
  • Meditation
  • Do things you love, like dancing, singing, writing, painting, crafting, etc. As a way of sharing this beauty with your baby, and filling your body and soul with sweetness that will likely have a lasting impact on your baby's life.
  • Schedule a pelvic exam with a certified practitioner to