Dusting Off the Magic Wand, 3 Months

It is time to remember your magic Self. The essence of all of us is alchemy master, commander of magic, divine essence that creates their world. We have become so far-removed from this truth within that people have totally forgotten their power and their ability to create the life they experience. 

Everything is a choice. Here, we support you in transforming your life into a sanctuary for positive-choices, while we dive deep into that which holds you back from following your truths and your longings. We work on shifting those issues into new power spots from where you launch into embodying your highest visions of yourself and your life. We make adjustments to your routine, introduce you to new practices and rituals to support your way. We sharpen your awareness of just how much power you have, and just how much power you are.

Reach out to schedule a free 15-20 minute consultation to feel into which program is right for you.


  • Seven private mentoring sessions throughout the 3 month journey. Opening meeting and closing meeting are each 90 minutes. Sessions in between are one hour, happening every other week, with an additional 30-Minute session for the moment that needs it most. 
  • Intuitive, clairvoyant guidance throughout the process.
  • Empowerment work: learning how to interact with your entire life and all you experience for your betterment, clarity, empowerment and joy.
  • Work focused on discovering and shifting the subconscious blocks that hold you back from embodying your highest vision of your life.
  • Digging work to shift any fears, insecurities, beliefs, hesitance etc. that prevent you from living your truth and feeling your truth through your body.
  • Practical advice, suggestions for moving through daily life.
  • Ritual suggestions and explanations to support your transformation and shifts.
  • Assessment of your daily routine in life, and a gentle re-structuring and/or adding of practices and activities as part of your program.
  • Unlimited email support during the 3 months.*
  • Accountability

If you feel the call but feel some hesitancy arising, that is totally normal. The subconscious kicks up when it senses change-for-the-better coming, and will throw all varieties of excuses at the conscious mind. Trust your heart and if this feels right for you, do come. Long-term change is absolutely possible and it is your birthright to relax into the space of your heart and the power of your love.

Sessions are held either in person or via phone or Skype, depending upon your preference.

Please inquire within for payment information by writing to hello@tehyasky.com