Psychic Cleanse

This is a 20 minute silent session during which Sky focuses purely on the psychic cleansing of your entire energetic body in all realms, including the mental, physical, spirit, mathematical, vibrational, sound realms. This is simple quantum work based in sound and light and is facilitated through Sky’s psychic senses. This is now the only session that Sky offers. It is powerful, simple, and loving.

The cleanse originates in the core cells of the physical and spiritual body and emanates from there. In a sense, the cleanse ripples out via sound waves from the deepest core cells of your being outward to the most tangible, surface level of your being.

This cleanse is a reset and a deep purification of your being. It is especially helpful during times of great change, when you are focused on doing inner work. It can work as a purgative of old energy which can help new choices that you make to take root in the nervous system, rather than old energies overriding/influencing. Or, it can be as profound and gentle as simply an energetic light shower.

I like to say that in these sessions, we purge the resonance of whatever it is that we are clearing which may have built up for lifetimes, and that very clearing enables us to walk our lives with a more clean slate in that regard. I am not selling a magic pill and our choices will always be our own to make, yet somehow, allowing the resonance of the deepest, limiting themes to release, to let their roots dissolve... in my work with others, I have seen to be extraordinarily powerful, and am astounded by the life changes and manifestations that follow, over and over again.

After saying hello at the beginning of the session, I will begin the work and you can sit back and relax with your eyes closed, sipping on a cup of tea, simply resting into deep relaxation.