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Life as Immersive Prayer

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A little taste of what the course is about:

Life as Immersive Prayer is a 7-week online program anchored in your commitment to daily practice, starting in January 2020. It is a powerful way to begin the year, to tend deeply the foundation of your life, and plant robust seeds of prayer and inspiration that you will likely begin to see sprout during the course.

The group has been carefully designed to guide you into discovering the channel of prayer that is open for us at all times, through the mundane and challenging moments to the profound and ceremonious ones. Day by day, you will be guided deeper and deeper into detecting & tapping into this wave of prayer that is everywhere, offering itself up as a vessel for the life you intend to live.

We will dive into what it means to pray, and how we may discover the continuous dialogue we are always in with the Divine–and begin speaking into that microphone with more clarity, intention, and purpose. We will go deeply into the roots of prayer–discovering its simple nature–and rise up into the prayerful flowering of everyday life!

The program is set-up to be simple, effortless, and true–and likely to lead you into more synchronicities, clarity, and prayerful embodiment. No experience is needed to join, and yet even those with decades of spiritual practice are likely, or perhaps bound to discover a new foundational depth or glint of perspective that imbues life with a newfound sense of simplicity, joyfulness, and connection.

More to be shared with you soon on the Intro Call.

PS: Much to my delight, this course is peppered with sharings and inspiration from individuals from various cultures and traditions across the rainbow spectrum of life! I just had to mention that here, as it rounds out the offering in such an enlivening, joyful way, and I love it!

Join the free Intro Call, Friday, Oct 5th at 11am PST. Enter your email address to receive instructions on how to join!

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