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Five Women: An Intimate Journey to Self-Connection & Celebration with Tehya Sky

  • Sky's home exact address shared prior to event via email Mill Valley, CA (map)

Dive deep within and connect into the wellspring of divinity, wisdom, and celebration that lives inside of you, in this intimate and transformational workshop. We will be meeting under the blessing of the full moon and drinking a medicinal dose of pure Mayan cacao to enrich the experience!

Self-connection could only ever mean connection with the Divine, and that includes empowerment, magic, and joy--and also: authenticity. In this workshop, we will explore how by diving deep into our vulnerability, we unlock the key to our sense of Self-connection.. and for that, the key to empowerment.  We will move beyond the conceptual phase of empowerment and into a real-time body-mind-soul integration.

Guided by Sky, we will dive deep into ourselves, into whatever is present within us at the moment. If pain is stuck or present, it will be welcome to the surface to be released and moved through. If confusion or uncertainty is here, it too will be welcome to rise and clear. If we're bubbling with joy, excitement, celebration--that, too, will be given space to be embodied and lived. Everything is welcome. Whatever is within us that has been blocking the way to us deeply sensing and anchoring in our truest self -- and whatever is within us that is ready to anchor and bloom -- that is where we will be guided to go. Yes: we will be clearing our channels through movement and sound, through ritual, through somatic prayer, as we make our way back home within ourselves.


The experience includes...

  • Being gently guided into your core vulnerability to access the deepest parts of yourself

  • Learn about the power of your voice as it relates to creating your life
  • Engage in deep exercises of bringing out your true voice and releasing that which is stuck inside of you through your voice
  • Rituals to transform energy from blocked channels into fertile, open space for creating, allowing & receiving
  • Remembering and reawakening the depth of your connection and magic
  • Realize the patterns of your life that have been holding you back; and learn how to shift them into new spaces for launching your best visions
  • Guided meditations as we tune into our deeper rhythms, and begin to remember our deepest visions for our lives
  • Manifestation exercises following the sharpening of your vision
  • Practical guidance on how to work with this energy in your daily life
  • Re-alignment with the supreme guiding energy of trust

Throughout the day, we will move from touching base with those deep spots within that need the salve of our attention; and into the resurrection of flowing energy through our bodies, hearts, and souls. From there, we will move into


and empowerment rituals

and close the day feeling more connected, grounded, and confident in our power and our truths. Shifted and transformed.

This workshop is meant for women who are inspired to explore, deepen, and enjoy the juiciness of themselves and their life. Five Women is a rare opportunity to journey deeply into Self-connection and empowerment with Sky and just five other women in an intimate and safe space. Furthermore, it is a space that is greatly alchemized by the power of five women coming together in this true and profound way, which has a power of its own that will carry us all. *Rarely is a workshop this small, and therefore this intimate.* Fueled by the power of the full moon.




$50 per person for the entire day.

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Questions etc: [email protected]


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