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Rewriting Our Stories: December's Full Moon Women's Gathering

Rewriting Our Stories:

December's Full Moon Women's Gathering

Weds., Dec. 14th, 2016, 6:45p-8:45p

Mill Valley, CA

Welcome to the first gathering of our women's circle. This is a sacred circle of sisterhood, of prayer, intention, healing, and love that will be led by Tehya Sky in her home in Mill Valley. All are welcome. 

In this first full moon meeting, Sky will share about the power of the moon and why we meet together, in this way, as women. Sky will lead the group into a sharing circle and also guide us into our own individual ceremonies, within the one larger ceremony we share together. 

This full moon we will be focusing on rewriting our stories. That means we will be looking at what our stories have been, and collectively & individually refining them and ourselves so that we may, with more precision, welcome into our lives the manifested visions of our hearts. 

Humans are inherently storytellers. Do we need these stories? No; yet because of the meaning they seem to create, we often carry them around. By journeying into our stories, we can discover not only limiting pieces that are ready to close, but also gems that wish to rise out of the pages of our souls and into life, unencumbered by the "story" they have been a part of. (This is the process of "refining"!)

Please come with a letter prepared that expresses your intention: what you wish to shift, what story you are ready to transform, what limitations you are ready to learn from and close. Together, we will move into a new moment of life, carried by the healing and manifestation powers of the full moon. *(Note, you will not be asked to share your letter aloud. It is for you only.)

This will be a prayer and sharing circle. You do not need to share if you do not feel to. There will also be drumming, singing, crystal bowls, and a full moon ritual led by Sky. Sky will also be sharing her sacred chanupa, (indigenous tobacco pipe), with the group, and explaining to all the significance of this precious prayer tool which she received at the Moon Dance, (also to be explained). 

There will be a gift jar where you are welcome to leave a contribution, but know this is an open group welcome to all, free of cost. 

Sisters, please bring with you:

  • Your letter, handwritten beforehand, which expresses what you are ready to shift, let go of, and what you are ready to drop into within life and yourself.
  • An item that is precious to you for the shared altar (such as a crystal, feather, photo etc.) *(You will receive your item back at the end of the night.)
  • A mug for tea
  • A pillow or mat to sit on and a blanket (if you choose)

Please request your space below as space is limited. You will receive an email confirming your place within 72 hours. *Note, we may at some point live webcast this gathering so women from all over the world can participate from afar, so if you are not local to the San Francisco Bay Area, please feel welcome to sign up below. You will be notified if the groups are shared live, online.


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