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Dusting Off the Magic Wand Workshop (click to learn more)

  • Mill Valley, CA 94941 (map)

our 1-Day Somatic Prayer Workshop

*No experience necessary


Reawaken your most wild and true heartbeat in this transformational one day workshop where we move into a deep exploration, remembering and awakening of our truest prayer, magic and power... and how to hold it in the body in full integration in this life. We will be drinking a medicinal dose of pure Mayan cacao to enrich the experience!


Empowerment is a way of life.... it is the way of knowing and trusting our vision and the quiet forces that guide us. It is the way of resting powerfully in alignment with our truths, being turned on by life and its magic, and letting our very footsteps and the essence of our lives birth our visions and desires into life.

If you are feeling to explore and deepen the juiciness of yourself and your life, and really begin to walk your prayer, then definitely join us...

In this workshop, we move beyond the conceptual phase of empowerment, magic and manifestation... and into a real-time body-mind-soul integration. Into its natural embodiment, where we pulse and vibrate the way we do when we are in our most natural, wild and free state of being. This pulse is deep within us all, and so we join together to ignite and inspire this space within all of us.

Through movement/dance, rituals/exercises, and reconnecting with the power of both the written and spoken word, we will reawaken and remember our deepest of heartbeats. We will move through the energy that blocks its flow and lowers its volume. We will clear space inside, transforming stuck energy and old patterns back into fertile space for the blossoming of what we most truly desire, what we are calling into our lives. We will do this with the support of Mayan Cacao, which we will drink in its medicinal dosage to gently intensify our experience. We will dive into...

  • Learn about the power of your voice as it relates to creating your life
  • Engage in deep exercises of bringing out your true voice and releasing that which is stuck inside of you through your voice
  • Learn and practice the "Heart Song," a Way of the Heart manifestation & alignment process; and ThetaHealing's version of it, which is a cathartic exercise
  • Rituals to transform energy from blocked channels into fertile, open space for creating, allowing & receiving
  • Learn about Soul Mates (what they are, their nature, and calling them in)
  • Sacred space: its significance, how to create it in your home, how to work with it
  • Working with Great Spirit, angels, and plant allies such as tobacco and sage to increase the volume of your prayer
  • Remembering and reawakening the depth of your magic
  • Realize the patterns of your life that have been holding you back; and learn how to shift them into new spaces for launching your best visions
  • Guided meditations as we tune into our deeper rhythms, and begin to remember our deepest visions for our lives
  • Manifestation exercises following the sharpening of your vision
  • Conscious language discussion & exercises: remembering your words are magic!
  • Practical guidance on how to keep this energy going in your daily life
  • Re-alignment with the supreme guiding energy of TRUST

We will work with the body, mind and spirit to align and fine tune our visions/prayers.... bring them into the body... and then project our visions into manifestation, into this life. We will literally "dust off the magic wand" and turn it ON.

I'm In - Here's my Deposit: $50 deposit to hold your space and pay balance @ the workshop


I'm in : $95 Pay in Full


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