Embracing Duality as a Catalyst for Change

Hi Beloveds,
The following is a message that came to me through Elijah while in Bali in February 2014. What to say? It’s wonderful to take all of these things lightly and receive from it whatever golden nugget is in there for you.

from Elijah and Sky

And no matter what, something, something true, something real, something fulfilling is always incubating in your soul, is always being nurtured in the nothingness, and is always ready to spring forth from you, as soon as you allow and realize your readiness to be YOU.
— Elijah

The truth of existence is that there is nothing. From nothing comes something. Without nothing, there cannot be something. And so it goes.

This is the masculine and the feminine. The nothing is masculine, there is nothing, from nothing you make something, from nothing something can be created and something is feminine, the creating is feminine. You can be in the nothing, or you can be in the something, or you can work with both at the same time, as they are inherently halves of one thing and inextricably linked.

When you embrace the nothing as fertile ground for something, then peace comes, one-ness comes, rhythm comes from that space of emptiness, or likewise, you can just enjoy the emptiness and relax in the peace, and that can be satisfying. But something always comes. The universe is always creating. There is always life force ready to explore itself in new expressions.

If you rejoice in the something as the work of god, as the divine feminine exploding from that peaceful silence of the masculine, then you begin to hold the energy of how things come to be. And when you begin to feel that, to feel the resonance of that truth and the essence of that divine power saying Yes within you, you begin to celebrate that, work with that, and you embrace that.

Something is the expression of pure love. Nothing is the basin of pure love. Both are extensions of pure love, both are pure love. When you hold onto the masculine for dear life, when you hold onto the peace the solitude, you exclude life. You deny life, you push away life, you become afraid of life, afraid of the feminine, of the flow, of the seasons, of the force of nature.

When you hold onto it, you’re attached to the nothing, you’re identified, you’re in the mind, and you’re hurting yourself. This is not an embodiment of truth. You have to allow the feminine to flow. You have to embrace the grace of this duality. This is the original duality. The duality of truth. And you have to embrace this and learn it and value it in order to live in the new golden age that is coming, that’s been planted and is sprouting now, because it is up to no one but us, and there can only be us. The heavenly spirits wait for us to us to realize: the choice is ours. You are waiting for yourself to realize: the choice is yours.

And what right do we have to not create, to not be full expressions of our divine nature? To not fully explore this power and open to this power to share what is meant to come through us? You think you have power, you think you have power. But you can’t have power. The only power you can have is the conceptual kind, which is not really power at all but an illusion, an illusion that takes over your mind and makes you sick and confuses you about life. This is not a power that comes from your soul or the truth. This is a trick you play on yourself.

Those who think they have power, those who regard themselves as having power are usually people who also regard themselves as being very intelligent and very smart. And that is funny and that is ironic. Because you cannot have power. And to actually know what power is you must realize that it is not obtainable and it is not yours, and that real power is something that is within the soul and within the awareness.

Real power is that which comes through us from that divine energy, from God, that carries on after this life and forever. Real power is the essence of that which is, is the life force of this universe, of love, and the energy of creation. And if you’re intelligent, you look for that and see that and you feel that, you feel into that.

If you’re really intelligent, you remain alert for the moment that you’re ready to realize the power you thought was yours was never yours, and the power you thought you had was never power, but an illusion, a conceptual power. If you’re really intelligent, you’ll be willing to see you’ve been playing a game with other men for ages, just to maintain your self, and if you’re really intelligent, you will know, you will sense that it is time for that game to crumble.

And the really intelligent men and women will step forward to allow, to let that crumbling happen. The really intelligent ones will step into true power and into the true changing of the game, to herald it into truth, into real intelligence. The really intelligent, powerful ones will not let fear stop them, or that they’ve spent so much time building, studying this or that stop them, or worrying about what neighbors and peers and coworkers think stop them… for if they do, they will be left behind. In history books, those men and women will be remembered as the ones who stuck to a collapsing paradigm just to hold onto an idea that they’re powerful, secure and “intelligent”: just to hold onto concepts.

And if you are afraid of starting over, if you’re afraid of stepping into this, into this new way, this golden way, that’s okay. All you can do about that is just breathe into it and recognize that fear as an illusion, and refuse to let it control you, refuse to let it make your decisions. Not with resistance, but simply with a redirection of awareness. And just pick up the pen and draw. Take out a piece of paper and draw.

You may need to start again as a humble child exploring life, but with you readiness: it will come. And it can come like a flash of lightning before your eyes, the moment where you realize you are ready. The moment you realize you are ready to feel, to hold, to know how you can give, how you can share, how you can contribute and create for this change. The only difference between me and you is that I realize my readiness, I realize the readiness within me and I surrender to that readiness. I cast away the excuses of the mind, the fears of how I might be judged and received and just share that which is coming through me, choosing to trust the expression of God. It’s a re-orientation.

Everything is nothing, and from nothing comes something. The two are inextricably linked, are two parts of the same things, twin flames, two reflections of the same one thing. So, there is nothing to worry about. No matter what, there will always be a something to your nothing. And no matter what, something, something true, something real, something fulfilling is always incubating in your soul, is always being nurtured in the nothingness, and is always ready to spring forth from you, as soon as you allow and realize your readiness to be YOU.

Anecdote: You must remember that nothing in the world, absolutely nothing in the universe contains more energetic power, more capacity to empower and create change, than the power of light. Inevitably, no matter what darkness there is, whether in your heart or mind or in this society, when the light comes: it ends. It’s impossible for it to be any other way. So when enough people come together and turn on the light, when enough people come together in total embodiment of the light, the change happens. You will see, it will be. It is impossible for it to be any other way. Darkness has no power, it only thinks it has power. It has tactics, sure, but no power. When the sun is out, try to impose darkness. When the lights are on in a room, try to impose darkness. It is not possible! You only think darkness has power because it makes you feel alone, and it holds the energy of your fears. But it is all a big trick, a big game. The light extinguishes darkness 100% of the time and it always will. And effortlessly, at that, simply by virtue of its existence and its presence. It is the only way and you will know it and you will be it as soon as you allow yourself to be You.

1 Without something, there can be no nothing. There can only be a void. And while the void is there and the void is real, that energy is real, the truth is that existence is always twitching to create. There is always life force that is ready to explode into something new, ready to explore itself in new expressions.

Orienting Towards the Sacred

Many people ask me about my inspiration for writing A Ceremony Called Life, and what it is about. The inspiration was simple: to share the scent of the sacred with others, a trail that may lead them into seeing the miraculous nature of every day. What it is about is our invitation to orient towards the sacred in all moments of life--and that is what I am inspired to share a bit more about now.

The book covers a lot ground, but at the center of it all is the direction of orienting over and over again back into witnessing life with eyes that are willing to see the sacred. That choose to look at the sacred. That allow themselves to see and recognize the sacred, even when it looks different than they want or wish. 

Sometimes I consider how "conscious life" and "embodied spirituality" can perhaps be simply explained as orientation. Over and over again, throughout life, we have the opportunity to "come back" into the present moment, and to orient ourselves into the perspective of our divine self, (which could only ever include the human self--for now, at least!). For example, I could choose to view a fight with my husband as "another problem" and scoff at it as an inconvenience-and no one is going to stop me if I do. But that wouldn't take me anywhere, and certainly wouldn't take me to truth. The other option I have, (and when we get to the crux of it, we can see that it's not even an option or a choice, but simply the overflow of living in love)--the other option I have is to view that challenging moment with my husband as a gift to look under the surface of what is REALLY going on: what need is unmet within both or one of us; what do we wish to say that needs to be heard, understood simply, and acknowledged;  where can I tune into the essence of compassion where I perhaps once felt resistance; and so on. This latter way of aligning with the moment is the gift that keeps giving, and is an example of orienting into the sacred (or the "ceremony," as the metaphor of the book goes.)

I hope you find this useful and supportive.

Love, Sky

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