Who Are You Without Your Script?

Are you aware of your script? What are the words that declaim your most certain of challenges? "I have no time." "I never get it right." "No matter what I do, it's never good enough." "They always disappoint me." "I can't do what I really want to do." "My relationships never work out." "I'll do it tomorrow." "My financial situation makes it impossible for me to..."

Whatever the thematic lines are of your story, who are you when they drop away? 

Who are you without your script?

Are you willing to question it?

Many of us rely on our scripts because without them, there is no actorthere is a diminished sense of self, identity, and safety. As much as we may believe that we really wish to change our biggest challenges, often they provide the reliable substance that gives us a sense of familiarity in our lives.

And yet, everything we desire comes to life when we are blank pages. When we're empty, story-less, present with the day. When we wake up and the pages of our day are already filled with text, there's no room to come fully alive, and without even meaning to, we deprive ourselves of what we desire most.

Not having a script doesn't mean that the stories must never rise through our minds and try to tell us "how it is," (for we don't have control over that); rather, it means that when the script comes, we remain aware in the knowingness that it's not showing us reality, it's just showing us our script. When the script comes, we remain rooted in the blankness of the moment to see what will happen when we stay clear and present, not engaging with the old story by reacting and getting aboard the train of thought, and instead, choosing to only engage with the most empowering opportunities in the present moment.

With today's full Scorpio moon, I'd like to invite you to drop the details, the stories, the right and wrong. The certainty, the doom, the knowingness of how it is. Just for the night. Or maybe the week. Or maybe even the month. After all, that which is true cannot be destroyed, so there's nothing to worry about in letting it go and questioning it. Dare to discover who you are without the familiarity of the old reigns. Dare to be surprised. Dare to know less.

Here's a meditation for you: This evening, set aside some time to sit in silence. In that space, feel into where you have been holding the script in your body or in your mind, and carry your breath into its corners. Let each breath melt away the script. Let each breath ground your energy more deeply into the present moment, into your body, into the simplicity of the Now. Sense the truth of you that rests far beneath whatever you have come to believe about yourself, your life, and your challenges. Release and express any emotions that may come. Be in this meditation for at least 30 minutes. Anchor, breath, and be.

Life loves you. There aren't many things I can tell you for sure, but that I can. Life absolutely truly loves you, and is ready to shower its best goodness on you. Sometimes we have too many ideas about what that goodness needs to be. For the rest of this moon cycle, dedicate yourself to letting yourself be without these scripts, dare to see what might happen or what you may feel, and dare to let life love you and teach you in its own wild and unpredictable ways.