Opening the Doors

It is time to open the door. Reach out your hand and pull the handle, no matter how splintery or heavy it is–and open the door. Pull open the door, even if you have done it a million times: Open the door once more, fresh and clarified. 

Open the door to what you have been hesitant to letting in. Reserved, shy, unsure. Open the door for that which you've been doubtful will arrive, and yet the embers of your hopefulness cannot help but burn for. Open the door to that which you've been dancing before, singing your siren song at the entryway, knowing the beauty of life will pour through–open the door again. Open the door to that which you have been praying for, but questioning your own readiness. You're ready. It's all now. You are made of the courage it takes. Open the door.

What are you opening the door to in your life? I hope this message inspires you to deeply consider this. Maybe it is time to accept that you must now throw away the lock and key and let the gateway be open. Maybe it is time to refine and clarify just what, exactly, you mean to open the door for. Get clear on this, for the doors you open in your heart and soul can determine so much in your life.