Dancing The Wild Dance Of YOUR Life

The dance of life is happening with full force. Everywhere around me, I see people in the midst of a pivot. This pivot is often experienced as change: Change within ourselves, change within our lives, change that perhaps can't be quantified just yet. Change that's beckoning, change that can't be ignored any longer. Indeed, life is an ever-winding, ever-wild dance rife with pivots, changes of pace, transitions into new moves. In this moment, I share with you the invitation to look within to explore the unspeakable energy inside as it dances on the verge of a pivot, wherever that may be in your life.

We live in a time that requires us to step into all change that beckons us–with fullness and totality. Whatever Spirit is calling us into is needed on not just a micro-level, but on a macro-level as well. Sometimes it may seem selfish to honor ourselves so completely as perhaps it means we need to say "no" to something else that others want us to do, from the big things like the jobs we choose to have to the little things like where we feel to be on a Friday night.

The thing is, you being in your flow helps the rest of us fall into ours. If we are all part of the one Big cosmic dance, (and the way I see it, we are), then if the way you're dancing is off, the rest of the one Big dance is off. Then the other bodies may falter, may become distracted, because we're all interacting all the time. And then the rest of the whole is somehow less coherent. Look around at the world at large to see what I mean.

But if, on the other hand, you wildly follow the mysterious guidance of God, (however strange or inexplicable it may be), then your part in the dance is extra inspiringobviously divine, offering an indescribable guidance to the rest simply by being danced the way you are meant to be danced. We needn't look any further than the windy and curious paths of the many mystics, healers, and guides that have come before us, that have gone on to help heal the world with their messages of love, clarity, and truth.

And so it is: We're all the midst of change, simply because life and our feeling state is always in flux. In large or teeny-tiny ways, something is asking to be refined, to be danced, to be given way, or, more perhaps simply, to simply be seen, to simply be honored. Are you listening to the voice inside as it tells you where to place your focus? Are you nurturing what must be nurtured? Letting go of what has come to pass? Dig deep into your reserves to unearth an unending supply of courage and commitment to yourself and your life to keep walking your own walk, dancing your own dance, and "unfolding your own myth" (as Rumi has said).