Changing the Scene - A Technique for Presence

I'd like to bring your attention to something you've done a million times, in different contexts... something that can be tremendously supportive in snapping you back to the Now in more challenging moments.

The "Changing the Scene" technique is particularly helpful when we are getting stuck in a situation, dialogue, or environment when the energy within us feels like it is stalling. This often happens in difficulties with partners and family members, when things become distorted and we remain in an effort to clear things up or make some good progress. 

Progress happens in its own moment, and it happens when we are present. When you find yourself feeling stuck in a dynamic with another or in an energy with yourself, tune in with yourself and envision taking yourself physically somewhere else, like going for a walk or to the library or to the beach. Sometimes we must leave to return, and in those moments, leaving is not an escape but an important aspect of self-honoring and returning back to the present moment.

When we Change the Scene, sometimes our return to the present moment happens as soon as we turn the car on and start feeling the wind on our skin. Oh yeah, there's more to life and reality beyond my current (and temporary) circumstances. And then you may notice that your perspective about that current circumstance begins to shift as you arrive more and more into the Now.