The Path of TRANSFORMATION Versus The Path of ESCAPE

I was sitting with a friend of mine yesterday who was explaining to me a current astrological transit that is passing through my life. Pluto is transiting my Venus, which implies a host of things around death and rebirth in the way I show up in the world, my relationship, and so on.

We got into discussing Plutonian energy, which is a massive invitation to let yourself fall into the abyss of the unknown. She explained it like this: When you're dealing with that Plutonian energy, it's like you're at the edge of a cliff. One of three things can happen: 1. You can fall backwards into the status quo/fear; 2. You can hurl yourself into the abyss of the unknown or 3. You can stand at the edge petrified, teetering between the two.

The transformation our souls long for happens, of course, when we hurl ourselves into the abyss. When we dare into the unknown. But while we were talking about this, it became immediately clear to me that sometimes, we actually just don't know which way is  back and which way is forward. Which way is the way into the mystery, and which is the way back into the old stagnant stuff....because they both feel scary and it can be difficult to hear which path is truly calling.

For example, sometimes we don't know if staying in the relationship we are in, despite how difficult it is, is the path INTO deep transformation, or the path of escape/denying transformation by remaining in something old that we are afraid to break out of. Sometimes we don't know if leaving that relationship or that job or that town is running away; or if it's the sticking through such profound discomfort that strips down to the soul in the best of ways. Considering that, here are a few helpful differences we can sometimes feel between the two:

The Path of Transformation Feels...

Scary, Sometimes gradual, Steps forward with steps back, Feels unknown, Feels like something beyond you is keeping you or taking you there. It feels gritty, though also beautiful at times. It feels real.


The Path of Escape/Fantasy/Avoidance Feels...

Scary, Inspires ideas of perfection or unending bliss, Feels more known, Feels like YOU are keeping/taking yourself there. It feels like you are trying to pull yourself up, instead of letting life take you as it will, and letting yourself be real.


No matter what, remember that ultimately, transformation exists in every moment and we can never go wrong.