Dance Bravely Into Your Own Heart, and You Will Find the Love of All

A couple of nights ago, the following words reverberated through my soul: 

Do not pursue outer remedies. Rather, dance bravely into your own heart, and you will find the love of all.

Mmmmm. Feel that, take it in. These are not my words. Rather, they are words that arrived within me like a star dropping in from the Gods. It is a gift to me to feel them, and I share them with you now. 

These words are so rich; they have much dimension. If you meditate on them, or even just sit with them for a moment, really opening to them, their layers can be felt. 

We must dance wildly, on fire, into the depths and frenzy of our own hearts if we are to ever fall into that forbidden chalice that lives deep within it. That chalice is a well, a dark starry on-and-on of mystery that once we drop into, there is no turning back. 

When we seek outer remedies for our soul, we ultimately miss the mark. Sure, we may choose a winding path of external solutions but eventually, it is the way into our own hearts that pulls us like magnets into the ever present salve of God that lives deep within us. 

We may turn our attention and our focus toward entering the simple, magical labyrinth of our own heart and soul at any time, anywhere, in any moment. It lives within us, it never goes anywhere and it could never abandon us. 

And as we drop into this inner chalice of the soul, this well of our heart, we come to know the love of ALL. The love we once sought from the outside, we discover in the well. That we are loved, we discover in the well. That we are love itself, we discover in the well. The love of all the gods and all the creatures and all the people, we discover inside the well too. 

So, won't you? Dance bravely into your own heart, and you will find... the love... of ALL.