A Rant on Beliefs

Beliefs are frozen thoughts–frozen thoughts that we subconsciously believe serve us. The funny thing is, beliefs only begin to truly support us once we figure out that they're not REAL. Supportive beliefs can often be like a lift that we stand on that buffer us up. Helpful, welcome, commemorative of our divine nature, might-as-well be there since it's a tool of this reality... but ultimately, not truth. Just as limiting beliefs aren't truth, nor are supportive ones. (For, after all, how could one side of the coin be truth but the other side, not?) Truth is in the silence, beyond the words, beyond anything that can be formulated into anything else. Truth just is. So whatever beliefs we have about ourselves, our partners, our circumstances, our lives.... We ought to travel deep into...until we find it to be the same empty cell of pulsating possibility, just like everything else. An innocent point of energy. Another direct line to God–where we need no beliefs to know our beauty, our power, and our freedom. Aho. xx