The Truth Is the Same in the City and the Woods

If there ever was a spiritual "goal" right now, it would be to get integrated and show up, show up in this life with all of you, because this world needs your love and your peace more than ever. It needs the vibration of your love shared, it needs it injected into popular conversations and spaces if that’s your thing, and it needs you to shine the love that you know. There was a time when cultivating peace in the high mountains was what was needed as the world became ready for its sharing, but now the world is ready. It’s time for us all to get out there and shine.

Some of us will always be needed in the mountains, the ashrams, the forests. From there we will shine, from there we will give back to this world as the channels that we are. What is clear to me though is that more and more people are now meant to move out of the ashrams and the forest and into the public space. Into a wider sharing.

The truth is the same in the city and the woods. Many people get stuck in the ashrams and the monasteries, living outside of society as a means to escape. Believing they can only stay connected to that which is real if they are undisturbed. But that is not how truth functions. While it is often necessary to get out of society and into solitude to discover a deeper truth... once you have met this truth, you know it is unalterable. It is easy to stay where it is untested, like in the quiet solace of a monastery.

Let this be a CALL to those of you who need the reminder or the inspiration to share–and the reminder that it is necessary to enter the cocoon. Stay focused and in trust. Move by the truth of your heart. The time is now.

So many of us have been cultivating a gorgeous heart song for lifetimes. May we all listen carefully to that heart song and if it is time to share it with the rest of the world… go shine. And if it's time to enter the cocoon or trust your own wild metamorphosis, then let that happen. Your true expression is, itself, the ACT OF SERVICE, and is one of the greatest gifts you can give.

Love xx