SHADOWS. Let's talk about them for a moment.

Shadows are often the first steps into the portals that bring us to our gifts. If the portals are V-shaped, then the point of entry is tight and dark. It's confusing to enter that tight space of darkness, and as we bounce through that space, a sometimes intolerable pressure and tension builds. This very tension is the force that eventually propels us into the wider clarity that exists on its other side. And eventually, into that vast open space of consciousness as we learn the delight of what it truly means to be the awareness that we are.

They are not for nothing, and whenever we feel stuck in the shadow of the entry, we are always stuck within them WITHIN freedom. The key is to take all that tension and all of that intensity that looks to the OUTSIDE world--and redirect the attention inward. The key is to welcome all of that discomfort and and let it be okay. The key is to STOP trying to make it stop and to just let it all be.

It's a paradox, for sure, but without a doubt only when we give up and just sit with what we're feeling, fully present and fully feeling it, only then can divine grace take us on her wings. Only the do we realize we've been upon those wings all along.

Your shadows are not here to hurt you. They are not bad. They do not suck. Even though they feel like they suck, they don't, because they're taking you into the portal of awakening.

Get to know those tight corners of the V and they will do the only thing they can: skate your being upward. And remember: SHADOWS CAN ONLY EXIST WHERE THERE IS LIGHT.

Love xx