Open Your Heart to Yourself

So often, we direct our energy outward. So often, we inspire our lives by considering the deeper meaning of being open to love. We look at those around us, and we welcome in an anchoring of compassion within us. That we may welcome the family and strangers of our lives with equal love for all. But today I want to remind you... to open your heart to YOURSELF.

Open your heart to yourself. What happens when you close your eyes, turn your attention inward, and consider that? What happens when you gently invite your heart to yourself? What does it feel like?

Yes, it all always begins with ourselves, especially when it comes to sharing our gifts with others. But forgetting that for a moment...forgetting any purpose or intentions of growth.... For this moment, may we simply stay with the subtlety of gifting ourselves the wild and raging love of our hearts...with no purpose and no other intention.........of letting that love both be sourced within and flow within, toward ourselves.

Open your heart to yourself. Just simply tune into what it feels like to let the rushing river of love flow inward to all the many parts of you....that make up your glorious whole.

Try it for the day. Open your heart to yourself.

Love xx