Logic Is Not God, but Your Intuition Is

We're essentially conditioned to believe that whatever our logical mind says in the word of God. Why? Because whatever is logical is right–is the obvious way to proceed. Whatever is logical is safest. Whatever is logical is best. When we regard the path of logic to be the path that best serves us, we are essentially treating our logic like its God. 

Only God, the Divine, Great Spirit (or whatever term resonates for you) has that holy torch that truly guides us into the best possibilities of our lives. When we listen to the mind for the guidance of our lives, we diminish our astuteness for detecting the voice of our intuition and of God as it directs and supports our lives. Let me be clear: that voice of the divine is always there and is completely unconditional. But our ability to sense it and hear it and welcome it is certainly correlated to the degree at which we choose to listen to it.

Logic may say this job pays me well, so I should stay but the voice of your intuition, (which is the holy whisper of God through your unique being), may say it's time to leave this job. The reality that accompanies your intuition may certainly be that if you leave your job, you don't know how you will support yourself or what you will do–but again, it is only logic that tells you that you need any of that knowingness and security to begin with.

When we enter into the mysterious will of the Divine, we enter into a generous, good-natured flow of life that always supports us and moves us into expansion. We enter into a rhythm that opens the heart more and more. We drop into the way of resting, of relaxing, of trusting life to take us in her arms, her rapturous embrace.

It takes courage. It takes letting the belief disappear that security comes in three dimensional forms. To allow these conditions that restrict our lives to crack--so that we may see and sense through the cracks and spaces into the light--is the way that takes us back into the truth, warmth, and love of our souls, a million times over.

Chin chin!