Life Is a Rollercoaster

Life is a rollercoaster—you’re born into it. You are literally born in a rollercoaster seat. And then, as you grow, the older you get, the more you begin to realize, "Oh hey, this thing hurts my neck. This guy is throwing up behind me. Oh man, I feel nauseated." And you want out.

You can either experience life on the rollercoaster itself (duality) or you can choose to get off and watch it (oneness). And when you do choose to get off and watch it, then you can see how beautiful that thing is as it moves against the changing landscape of the sky, and the crazy carnival music, and the people laughing and eating cotton candy, the children running around like wild chimpanzees.

Then you can include the rapture of it in your experience–never denying it, but rather knowing you are something far more vast than that which you experience. Then you can be the peace behind the rage; the acceptance behind the sadness; the presence behind the myriad things we can feel. When you know who you truly are and stop identifying with the madness, you can finally enjoy it for the glorious spectacle it is and receive from it the artful beauty and wisdom it offers.

To root in unity and experience duality from there–this, I have come to know, is the juice.

Love x