Do You Trust Your Heart?

Do you trust your heart to speak? Do you trust it to replace the voice of your mind and be the central expression of your life?

When we're not trusting our heart to speak for us, it's because we're fearing that it will leave us crushed, lost, and alone. In those moments, we mistakenly believe it's the truth telling, sappy romantic of our heart that gets us into the sort of trouble we fear most. That can leave us devastated, destroyed, and broken.

So we engage the mind to protect us. To monitor what that crazy rascal might say if we cut the leash. And the irony is that through that system of checks and balances, that's where we meet that pain we had feared. Indeed, because that system is rooted in distrust, it nurtures the isolation that makes us feel cut off from life and love. To be sure, it is only when we speak freely from the heart that we, ourselves, free. It is only then are we truly our Selves. And it is only then that the beauty of our expression may carve the lives of our dreams.

Our hearts, they are permeable innocent dream things, yes. But they are also the voice of our truths. Our wisdom. Our connection to the God essence we all share. They can never ever lead us astray. They can only lead us back to the golden well of love-stuff that flourishes within.

If your heart needs a few minutes to clear its voice before it can freely express itself–give it time for that. There's no rush. And anyone or anything that cannot wait, may go.

Nothing is as healing as the heart-rub our whole being gets when we let its uninhibited voice travel through us. It is a return to truth we can nurture every day 

Please speak your heart. We all need you to. Hear its voice with each word you say. And if you don't, then pause. Drop in. Feel its gentle pulse and simply let it guide you. Let your words rise from within.