Considering the Subconscious Mind: The Other Side of the Law of Attraction

Let's say you’re trying to “call in” or attract your most wonderful romantic soul-mate partner into your life. Perhaps you’re repeating affirmations over and over again, announcing your prayer that you’re ready, and maybe even making room in your closet to prepare for his or her arrival.

On a conscious level, you’re gold. You got it. But on a subbbbbbconscious level… if there are conflicting beliefs, like "I’m undeserving of love," then your conscious intention will likely be counteracted by that which your subconscious mind attracts.

Love will come, and your subconscious mind will trigger reasons to believe love should go away, because it looks to confirm what it resonates with: being undeserving of love. This is why, (when our conscious and subconscious conflict), we keep meeting obstacles or attracting someone who just triggers us like crazy.

These challenging experiences and difficult triggers are all profound opportunities to clear out house and become more aware, so that we may attract into our life that which we truly desire. So that we appreciate how interconnected and equally worthwhile it all is.