Sadness and Pain Are *Not* Darkness, But the Unconscious Is

This morning, as I was walking up the outside stairs, I noticed a bird who jumped up and half flew onto the railing across the way from me. I noticed the shadows on her wings for that brief moment she was in flight, and was totally taken by the metaphor and the teaching.

We often believe that the sadness, pain, and other feelings that pass through us or are within us are darkness. But they are not. They are different aspects of light. Yes, they may be a lower vibration than the high pitch of love and bliss, but they are not darkness. They are feelings, stored energy, or passing energy, that is moving through us in this kalediscopic experience of life. There is nothing wrong with them, it's not that they "shouldn't" be there. They are passing experiences and indications of what is happening within us, pointing to a deeper reality that exists within.

Pain, sadness, and other challenging feelings and sensations may POINT to darkness, but they are not the darkness themselves. Darkness is simply unconsciousness. No more and no less. What we can't see so easily within us, what motivates our behavior and holds our triggers and wounding in place–THAT is darkness. 

And it's not that darkness is something bad. It's not that it shouldn't be there. It is simply an aspect of existence in this dualistic world we live in. 

So embrace your feelings as they move through you, and when they are telling you there is something deeper within–something within the darkness of the unconscious that has been limiting you or holding you back–then dig. Dig with all of your gentleness and love to discover and liberate your once-blindspots. And throughout it all, hold yourself as you would a precious child.

With love xx Sky