Integrating Anger's Lessons, the Golden Alchemy

When anger arises, what do you do? Do you push it down and distract yourself in your effort to feel "better?" Do you act it out on whatever or whoever is closest to you, whether that's your partner, children, parents, or strangers? Do you take deep breaths until the anger seems to dissolve? Tell me, what is your M.O. when anger comes?

Anger is an alarm that tells us there is pain within us, usually from an unmet need. The need to feel safe, the need to express, the need to know we are worthy of love, to know our own power, beauty, and so on. What's really interesting is that anger can only exist when there is an absence of something–a deep need unmet–that we perceive we must get from the outside.

In any spiritual approach that honors the all of us, both our human self and our divine self are considered. Tending to the entirety of our being is the way of wholeness. In terms of anger, what that means is that when it comes, we have two invitations, both which take us into our miraculous ability to alchemize all into gold.

One, the human self must honor its experience by expressing in whatever catharsis is right for him or her, and in a safe way, of course. Cry, get in the car and scream, beat your fists on the earth, move your body–whatever you have to do to get the energy in your body in motion, so that the excess heat can move its way out of your system.

Two, the divine eternal self must look inside to see what need is unmet, or what is lacking that the soul is craving to feel and know. Once that is discovered, (and even as* it's being discovered), we must direct all our attention inward to look deeply within our being, and feel the anchor of awareness drop further and further down. We must welcome our souls to go on a journey of meditation where we may meet that UNMET or LACKING aspect .... INSIDE of ourselves, so that we may finally stop searching for it outside, becoming angrier and angrier with each reflection of its absence. This part is a soul journey that happens in its own time, but always happens in a moment, here and now. Whenever we discover *what was lacking* (like love, safety, power, and so on), in the moment we find it WITHIN ourselves, we also discover it was there ALL ALONG.

And third, the holy trinity: we integrate it all. We take all that wisdom of the soul, allowing it to be the guardian of our human self, and bring it together to create gold. It could look like this: If we still see that the way our husband or wife or girlfriend or boyfriend, friend or colleague, child or parent had treated us inspired us to feel any sort of pain, we let them know. We let them know in a way that honors our accountability for ourselves and our emotions. Or if we see we had been behaving in a way that kept us believing we are victims, procrastinating our way through life..... then we make the change. We make it now.

Because we are love. And we are also human. And the two together is magic, is what it's all about.

Happy second day of spring, friends. Let yourself know your magic this season. Make hay while the sun shines and grow towards the light.

Love x Sky