We Are the Guardians of Our Beings

I want to offer you a perspective shift: We are the guardians of our beings.

What happens when we turn our gaze from simply being tangled-up within ourselves or simply "the witness" of it all to.... being the guardians of the unique channels we all are? What if the awareness that we are is here to help our unique selves in flourishing? How would that change the way you interact with both life and yourself?

Consider this perspective, which I now know to be true. We are here as the divine awareness that we are to help our selves be the brilliant expressions that we are. When we drop into this perspective of guardianship of our unique vessels, then perhaps we choose to move ourselves OUT of the quicksand of the mind, out of the limiting beliefs, and into the coaxing, soothing truth that we are fine as we are. That everything is good as it is. Then we can support our beings in carrying on, in flowering, in being our true Selves.

It is up to us to make sure that the unique beings that we are thrive and share and relax and drop into love. We have been entrusted with our own brilliant human vessel, and it is up to each one of us to care for that vessel and help it to flourish.

We...are the guardians...of our Beings.