A Universe of Reflective Light

We live in a universe of reflective light, within which everything is a unique perspective of that reflective light. It's amazing: Each leaf, each point of each leaf, each cell in each leaf has its own perspective. Every creature, every person, every bit of dirt and every cell in every body has its own unique perspective, and these unique perspectives are what make up our universe.

These perspectives interact with each other for without one another, they could not exist. If everything is reflective, and everything is truly just reflective light, then life is an endless stream of information through that light reflecting to and from all living things, in an infinite co-create existence.

To realize we are just unique perspectives of the great big one–whether that one is God, light, the Divine and so on–is so liberating. If it's not so personal in the end, then what are we holding on for? Better to be free in the beauty of it all, expressing our Selves and our unique expressions.

Of course there are so many things that limit us that deserve our loving attention and resolution, but to just take a step back and absorb the truth of it all... is amazing, and so, so powerful. 

So if you've chosen to read this, then I welcome you to consider this, and tap into the freedom that exists in this realization: We are unique perspectives -- of light -- in a universe where there is only light. A universe where that light reflects from various perspectives, and that dance of reflection creates our existence.

Ahhh... I'll take it.