When There's No Laughter

I looooove to laugh and I laugh a LOT at oh, just about anything. People often ask me "what are you laughing at?" and the answer, expressed through a small fit of giggles or amazement, is usually "I have no idea." But last week, there was very little laughter bubbling through me. I missed it, was tempted to even help push it out of me, until I remembered: laughter is the other side of non-laughter. The two are inherently connected and part of the one same. Remembering this, I relaxed into the space of non-amusement, knowing that it is this very space, this very *lack of* that gives room for the laughter to pop. And in this space, I had the chance to accept myself and whatever *is* even more, and to appreciate it just as much as I appreciate the laughter. And what happened? A few days ago, I started spontaneously laughing again. At nothing. At everything. Just totally, wildly amused, renewed and re-juiced. Just like that, we can rest into the nature of whatever we are truly feeling. And just like that, we find ourselves deeper on the path home. Love xx Tehya Sky