Sometimes Saying NO Is Actually Saying YES!!!!

When we are really saying yes to life, we must also say it through our no's. When that's happening, our no's are actually yes's - yes's to life, to what's right for us, for the moment, and so on. For example, if I offered you free tickets to an amazing show tonight, and you said no because you felt to rest at home...then that no is a yes!

Often people confuse saying no with resistance or a lack of going with the flow...but when you're saying no in response to honoring your needs, then nothing could be more aligned. A healthy no is a mega big YES that keeps you free and flowing, at peace and in tune.

And remember, the other side of this coin is that there is such a thing as an unhealthy yes; it is destructive and is actually going against the flow, it's a no.

So whenever you say yes or no, may it always flower from what feels right for you--just you--and blossom you into that ultimate YES to life. You're only ever really saying yes and no to yourself, after all. Honor yourself again and again and again xx