Looking Through the Window Pane

Sometimes, we see life right before our eyes, but there's a glass pane between us and that certainty of oneness. In moments like this, we doubt our creative abilities, we doubt how much we can handle, we doubt that everything really is fine, good, magical, being taken care of on its own, and we doubt that we really don't need this safe distance from it all.

I know all about this feeling; it's just a natural consequence of being human, after all... but it's just window pane/pain. We can shatter it just by noticing it. We can blast it to smithereens with our vision, even if that blasting is subtle, gentle, hardly noticeable. 

When we notice these moments where something subtle is standing between us and our creative capacity to make GOOD of our moments, our lives, our everything, we have the endless invitation to see through it and simply remember our greatness. Our noticing always, always, always gives us a choice.

So tell me: Are you looking through the window pane today, or are you unified with life? You're unified either way, but when you break the glass, you acknowledge your accountability to make good of it all, and so you do. 

This is the gift of awareness. BREAK THE GLASS. CREATE GOOD. No need for windows when we're absolutely, totally, unconditionally one with it all.

Love xx